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My Dad’s Rube Goldberg :D

8 Aug

If there’s one thing you should know about my Dad – it’s he’s the one I immediately run to when I have a fantastic idea for a project and don’t always know how to go about it. He’s the man who figures out the puzzles and will go through all the trouble to make it awesome. I love that man.

This past weekend we were working on my sister’s wine bottles for her wedding. I was putting J’s on the bottles and he was putting holes in other ones to put lights in. He was trying to figure out a different way to do it so it was easier on him. Long story short – he made a Rube Goldberg.

If you don’t know what that is don’t worry – I didn’t either! A Rube Goldberg is some sort of contraption made out of miscellaneous parts that does something pretty cool. My Dad is definitely that guy. He built a system to make the holes in the wine glasses with the water hooked up to it so the drill bit wouldn’t overheat and break the glass, but also so he didn’t have to do a thing but watch and wait for it 😀 That is my favorite part. I always figure out the hardest way to do a project and he always shakes is head at me and shows me the easier way.

You may have seen this last picture before. It’s from when we were first making Kristi’s centerpieces and doing the prototypes. Now we have around 70 bottles completed and are ready for a big party!!

Got to love my Dad 😀

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