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Moments I Don’t Want to Forget

10 Dec

These girls have been amazing to watch as they grow up. It’s so much fun to watch them when they have no idea I am even there. I wish I could be a fly on the wall and just enjoy watching their life go by!


So much as changed for Emma. First grade did not start out. She lost a little spark in her eye for school and I could see her excitement and joy for it dwindling. We worked really hard to encourage her to make the best of what she could.


Although it’s been a struggle, I think she’s starting to adjust to it. She really is a brilliant little girl, her grades are coming back with all A’s, and she’s learning things I never expected her to know at this age. I just want her to keep that spark in her eyes and joy for learning alive.


Payton is growing like a weed! This girl can eat me out of house and home! She loves to “nack” (snack) all day long and is at the point in her life where she get’s seriously ecstatic when you understand what she is trying to say!


She is our little explorer. If she doesn’t have something in her hand or getting into something, I am shocked! She is a busy little one and I could sit and watch her explore for hours at a time.


The two of these girls have a special bond. Emma loves to make her giggle, tickle her, and take care of all her needs. Payton likes to steal all of Emma’s things, clean up after her (while Emma is still playing with whatever it is), and feed her snacks because she has to be hungry according to Payton!

I know their relationship will grow together and apart throughout their life, but I’ll enjoy this togetherness while I can 😉


Quality Time With Emma

2 May

Part of my reasoning behind being a work from home Mom was to make sure that I had time for Emma and I got to watch her grow up. With my mom and B’s mom being stay at home mom’s it was not a hard concept for anyone to catch on to.

photo 4

Even though most days I feel like I am spending a majority of my day working I try really hard to dedicate as much as I can to Emma so she gets the me time she needs. Yesterday I took the day off and we went to visit Ope for lunch, get some ice cream, and play at the park.

photo 3

Today I couldn’t swing a whole fun filled day but I did make sure to get some sunshine in there by going outside with her to play for a bit. She picked dandelions and decided to decorate them in her outdoor playhouse.

photo 1

I love having the opportunity to dedicate so much time to her. Soon she will be in school all day and our time together will be limited to dinner and weekends! My little girl is growing up so fast.

Overwhelmed Much!?

23 Nov

Wow! There is so much happening over in this household and I can’t wait to share all the little details with you. Everyone knows this time of year seems to be the busiest but I don’t want to that to stop me from keeping this blog going! I’m determined to squeeze in some time for you all!

For those of you who don’t know, Emma started pre-school this year!

Photo: She is growing up so fast!!

She is enjoying going to school and see all of her new friends! Today we are going to one of their birthday parties! Emma was helping me wrap the presents this morning and so excited she asked me if tomorrow was her birthday 😛

I’m really enjoying all the stories she brings home from school and how much they are offering her in class:

“At school today, I made you a beautiful picture and played with the number board! Do you want to count to 100 with me!?” – Emma


One of my favorite things she’s learning is which days of the week we do certain things. Since she only goes to school three days a week, she is constantly asking me which day it is and which day is tomorrow. We are working on getting together a weekday calendar for her to put stickers on so she knows what’s going on in the week and which day it is! We found this cool idea from Snob Essentials.

Well that’s it for today since we have to run to a birthday party! But I can’t wait to catch you up on all the news!

Love Always,



Emma Talks

17 Sep

Here are some of the cute things our little Emma has been saying these days since starting school:

“I’m just going to try to tie this bow for you real quick!” It didn’t quite work out but she looked so cute trying!!

“Daddy, if you need help with your video games, just ask!” Love that school is teaching her to ask for help – but it’s a little amusing that she is trying to help daddy 😉

“I think today is the day I am going to go play with my friends. Mommy do I play with my friends today?” School isn’t about learning – it’s totally about playing with friends!!

“Today I made a watercolor creation! Would you like to make one with me next time Mommy?” Of course I would sweet heart!

“Mommy, my friends were all playing on the swings, do I get a turn next time?” Yes! We are taking turns!!

Here she is taking turns with daddy playing an ipad game 😛


I’m so excited to see what else she learns 🙂

Just Around The Corner

12 Sep

The colder nights have set in and this girl is waking up with to light jackets in the morning and dare I say it – HOT CHOCOLATE! (I have an obsession I know!) I used to hate this time of year, back when I had to walk through the cold to get to school. It also mean I had to dress in layers upon layers because although it was freezing outside, our school seemed to be a sauna! Now that I’m a work from home mom, fall is my favorite time of year!

Dreamy Creamy Hot Chocolate. Its good! I just had it...in august...lol

via Pinterest

Emma started school this year so I can’t even say it’s because school is back in (we are still getting a hang of this school thing 😉 if you know what I mean!) but I will admit a few hours here and there to get some things done around here is something I am started to get used to!

on our way to school!

But there are definitely some things I am looking forward to for fall this year:

Being able to crochet without getting ridiculously hot and having to take breaks!

via crochetcupscience

Feeling like I can actually open a book and read it! There something about summer that makes life so busy you seem like you never get a chance to read.

Books, cup of tea, and a comfy chair!

via Pinterest

Wearing all those scarves I made 😛 I have a new obsession with scarves now that the infinities came in to my life.

Infinity Scarf, Orange, Fashion Circle Scarf, Fall, Halloween

via DaydreamingGifts

and of course – finally getting to snuggle with my little one without sweating to death 😉

love cuddling with this one!

What are you looking forward to this fall?

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