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Daily Life: WordPress Pen Pals

21 Mar

I have met some amazing people through wordpress and I know I have said it before but to me it feels like I’ve known these people for so long. I am subscribed to these blogs, comment occasionaly, and love to hear the good and bad of life. Most of these people that I follow I feel like I am similar to in certain ways and when I read it, it’s almost like an email conversation just catching me up on life or something fun they heard.

I am sad to say one of my first favorite blogs I ever subscribed to when I started wordpress is saying goodbye. Obviously she has a million good reasons why, and although she loves writing, she just doesn’t have the time. I went through the same thing. I started a blog when E was born and gave up weeks later feeling like I didn’t have anything fun to say, no energy, and should have been spending my time doing something else.

This round I feel completely different. I have no guilty feeling that I should be doing something else (99.9%) of the time. I love showing and telling people what I am doing. I love hearing what people have to say about it, and I have plenty of time to spare in order to keep up with it.

So I guess what I am trying to say is the timing has to be right, but if it wasn’t for this blogger, I might have given up a lot earlier. She made me feel like blogging about being a mom wasn’t boring, that we had plenty of fun and funny things to say! She made me feel like my writing was entertaining by leaving me comments and boosting my self-esteem. It’s like saying goodbye to a friend not knowing whether or not your going to see them again. It’s a sad goodbye but I hope she has the time of her life with whatever else she is doing 😀

Love Always,


Daily Life: On Top of the World

22 Feb

Today ROCKS! The house is clean, the laundry is done (not folded and put away but i’ll do that later), dinner is in the crockpot, the kitchen is spotless, the dishwasher has run, and there is not a single miscellaneous toy on the floor. What an awesome feeling it is to be sitting here on the couch looking at a gorgeous place that I barely touched today (which is probably why it’s so clean). After my mom and I ran some errands we stopped at Olive Garden for lunch and I saved enough for leftovers. Then we did some more errands and went to the craft store!! I know, I know, it’s almost impossible for me to not go to the craft store while I am out. It’s just so much fun!! I bought six new colors of yarn to crochet scarfs and instead of paying what would normally cost 50 bucks, I paid 25. Yeah that’s right! Half off baby!!

I also took some pictures so you could see what I’ve been up to:

The pink scarf turned out wider and shorter than I thought but I still love the color and how soft it is!

This one I am in the middle of working on. It’s a skinny black scarf that I am contemplating adding yellow and the Steelers sign on 😛

The new toys I bought for S to play with when she comes over, Play-doh, Crazy 8‘s, and  Toy Story Puzzle

The French Dip Sandwich Recipe at the beginning

Halfway through being cooked!

E playing before we went to Nana’s

E slobbering down the best meal I have ever made! Chicken Alfredo!! It was the most amazing recipe ever, that I came up with on my own! 🙂 So proud of me and that cute little face.

I’d have to say that the most uplifting thing for me this week has been the craft book that I’ve been reading. It’s making me excited about crafting again, it’s giving me ideas, and making me feel like I can do so much with my little budget. It also helps that now that I am working my spending money is going to be increasing which will completely be able to fund all of my crafts upfront and if I don’t sell anything right away it won’t matter. Heck if I don’t sell anything it won’t matter at all! I finally feel like I’m not wasting money anymore, I’m finally feeling like I am investing in my future 😀

Things are getting better and better and I don’t want this feeling to ever go away. I’m on top of the world!

Love Always,


Crafts: Self-Doubt = Destruction

13 Feb

Self doubt is probably one the worst thing to happen to a crafter. As proud of all the work that I have done and as many compliments that I have gotten, doubt always finds a way in. So instead of letting it ruin my day I am trying something new. I went to the craft store today to find some inspiration but quickly realized that I didn’t want to do anything new I just wanted to perfect what I had already done. So here’s to a fresh start, same supplies, and possibly a better outcome!

Love Always,


Daily Life: Feeling Pretty Dang Proud!

9 Feb

I know that I am all about promoting good mood and finding that one thing that just makes your day so much better. Well this week I haven’t had any hot chocolate or listened to Taylor Swift. I haven’t needed it! It seems like everyday I wake up there’s some new and exciting news that just makes my day so much better and on top of that I have been SO productive!

There’s a few new things that are still up in air for me so I unfortunately won’t be posting about them until I get further news, but one of them I will gladly share!! I signed up for this website that helps families find nannies, babysitters, day cares, etc.  and helps people who want to take care of children find a family in need. Well I had been sending out interest messages and hadn’t heard anything back. I was getting a little disappointed but it’s not like B and I are dying for me to make an income yet so I was trying not to rush into serious feelings. Well today I got an email back. Someone is interested and I may be adding a little addition to my daily routine!! I am SO unbelievably excited and crossing my fingers the interview and house tour goes well.

I am a pretty upfront bubbly person and many people see that right off the bat. I realize that I am shy a lot of the times, but when it comes to job interviews I have never had a problem. Maybe because when you are interviewing for a job you want them to know everything you have to offer and prove that your worth their time and their money. If you are too shy.. they’ll never know who you are and you won’t be getting a job!

I spent a majority of the day today getting the house ready for an addition. Tomorrow I am pulling out all E’s old stuff, giving it a serious sanitizing and cleaning and making it all perfect for the house tour. I want her to know that I am 100% prepared and 100% capable. I think being a mom really changes your perspective of babysitting.  When I worked with children in high school it seemed really easy and all I had to do was make friends with the kids and we were good to go. Being a parent isn’t just about being friends, it’s what’s in the best interest of the child, it’s being a teacher, a guidance counselor, a hand to hold, a lap to sit in, a cook, a maid, a librarian, and a diaper changing but wiping queen 😀 and I am ALL of those things and fun!!

Well anyways so that’s part of my fantastic news, the rest will come later, when the time is right. Let’s just say my life is dramatically changing and it’s going in an AMAZING direction.

Hope everyone else is feeling pretty dang proud of themselves too!!

Love Always,



Daily Life: Rearranging, Crafts, & SHOPPING!

7 Feb

Oh what a day it has been! And yes, I did it again 🙂 I rearranged this place like a crazy woman I thought I could make all this furniture work.. and I DID! We’ll just have to see if the husband approves when he gets home. Although I did a lot of couch lifting and moving and heavy side table shoving and sliding things are quite similar to the way they were before. Only a few things changed but I’m already loving my decisions and crossing my fingers B can at least handle it for a month, and then i’ll rearrange again 😀

So all that hard work made me hungry and we took a break then E and I made lunch and now she is laying on the couch wiggiling dancing while drinking her milk before nap time. Me? Oh I am typing this blog and planning my craftiness for the day 😀 I got so many good ideas some from family, friends, and my readers that I am going to try it all!! I still have two other ideas that I had bought the stuff for to try out that I can’t wait to do so we’ll see how many I do and what all I get done! I have a little craft rearranging to do now that I have more craft storage space but that won’t take long.

It’s only Monday and I am already EXCITED for the rest of the week 😀 Tomorrow I am dropping off E at Nana’s house and my mom and I are going SHOPPING! That’s right, this girl is going to finally spend her birthday and leftover Christmas money on things for herself!! We are going clothes shopping at this consignment store I am absolutely obsessed with! It’s called Plato’s Closet. They only take name brand clothes that are in perfect condition and sell them for half or less than half the price you would see in stores. Amazing deals!! Plus I haven’t bought clothes for myself since pregnancy and a few jeans after pregnancy.. this girl needs clothes. Nothing quite fits me right and I am ready to look smoking hott again 😉 or at least B thinks I am smoking hott!!

We are also stopping by Babies R Us to check out a toybin/chest something/anything to hold E’s toys that isn’t a hott pink bucket 😀 Something that goes with our furniture preferably and maybe even fun to look at!!! Haha super excited about that. Then of course there’s always a 90 percent chance I will find myself in a craft store! Which is why I am hoping to get lots done today so I know what I want to buy with the rest of my crafty money.

Well E is down for a nap, my music is playing on the surround sound, and I am dying to get crafty!! So I’ll fill you in later on what else this crazy mom gets done 😉

Love Always,


P.S. Thanks to all my readers, I hit 100 views the other day!! All of you reading is what’s keeping me writing/crafting. Love you!!!!

My life is like a rollercoaster!

15 Dec

It seriously has some major ups and downs .. but who’s life doesn’t!? Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like it’s taken me until E was born to realize that I may not control the ups and downs but I can make it worthwhile. For the past year it seems like I have gone back to my roots (aka highschool / beginning of college days) where I ignore all those mean people who like to bring me down, and instead I keep track of all the amazing stuff. It’s about dang time! Right?

Instead of dwelling over all the crazy, uncontrollable, stressful things that happen, I have been making note of the things that I love the most about my life. I have successfully managed to let the bad go and bring in the good. This wasn’t an easy process and I feel like at times I am still learning it but it’s totally amazing! After lots of practice and complaining to my husband when I am hitting the down times, I have managed to keep this blog and my facebook almost completely positive! I have been tracking all the things that have made me laugh, and remember to make the effort to go out of my way to make hot chocolate on a cold dreary day! Who doesn’t love that!?

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to make my life a living happy bubble but come on! Doesn’t it feel good to feel good! Especially in this cold yucky season?

The main steps that I have been teaching myself to take is to recognize when I am in that nasty, horrible, no good mood. I find out what is really bugging me and then decide to just “let it go”. Because honestly, it doesn’t matter what you do. If you are negative about something, it’s only going to come out with more ugly negative news. I kept track of the things that are mood-lifters to me. Like hot chocolate, some good music, doing something productive (even if it means that the cleaning is not going to get done!), or just doing something you love like reading maybe!?

Then after the mood lift happens and your back in your “happy place” do something FUN! For me it’s obviously crafting, and when your negative nancy, let me just tell you.. your crafts come out dreadful! Sometimes it takes all day to get back out of my funk, and some days it just takes a few seconds but lately it has seemed to work out wonderfully!

Then after your relaxing from your uplifting mood, write it down! Remember it, take a picture, change your facebook status! Whatever it takes so that when you go back to look at all the things you have done the past couple of days, your realize that your life totally rocks!

Maybe it will work for you? Maybe it wont. You might be surprised…

Love Always,


My Happy Place:

Good Morning, an hour earlier!

8 Nov

After a much appreciated comment I decided to stick with my organizing. I finished putting together all the shelves and drawers so all I need to do is fill them with all my goodies and then let the crafting begin! In all of 15 minutes I got done what I thought was going to take hours 😛 The rest of this day is going to be dedicated to organizing the craft stuff and planning B’s birthday (which I will be taking pictures of and posting them later!!). Luckily because of the daylight savings time change I am now waking up at 7:30 a.m. instead of 8:30 a.m. due to the sun shining so brightly in my room! At first I wasn’t so happy about this but now I am thinking it’s perfect! I get an extra hour during the day to do something crafty or just be an awesome mom and wife 😀

Maybe it was the comment, maybe it was the hot tea, whatever it was it seriously changed my outlook today! And despite the fact that I was tossing and turning all night with my head full of ideas and thoughts, I feel completed rested and ready to go!!

Well that’s enough sitting around here on the couch for today.

I am off planning, organizing, crafting, and having fun!!

Update you later 😉

Love Always,


It’s all Uphill from here ..

7 Nov

Do you ever get that feeling like no matter how hard you try it’s just not working today. Although I have spent a majority of the day lounging with B then went to the movies to see Due Date with B, JO, and SO (which was totally awesome despite its horrible reviews) it seems like whatever I say today is just not good enough. I am doubting my blog, doubting my craft abilities, doubting my cooking skills, doubting my priorities.. this list could go on.

I know that these days come and go that everyone gets them but how do you get out of the slump of failure when it’s all around you? I haven’t been very crafty lately. Instead I have been seriously clean! This kitchen and living room haven’t looked this clean since we moved in (besides the crazy amount of toys E has thrown across the floor). I spent a half a day yesterday organizing the storage hoping to make that into my craft area and I should be super proud of how far I have gotten but all it did was added to my list of things I want to get done and none of them involve actually completing a craft .. sad. Crocheting is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I am almost done with a complete arm but I took a break from it because I felt like I was just messing up every time. I am in the process of reading Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner and it’s been a slow start compared to the last book I read so it’s been a little hard to be dedicated to it. Lets just hope it goes “uphill” from here. Haha okay I had to throw in a quote from Due Date because it’s just THAT GOOD!

So basically I need a pick me up. A project/craft/book/SOMETHING that just gets me back on track with blogging, life, and crossing my fingers that I make something that’s actually worth some value.

That’s today for me.

Hope today is better for you!

Love Always,


Seasonal Depression

5 Nov

I have never been diagnosed as a person with seasonal depression and the word depression scares me so much that I highly doubt I’ll ever go get checked for it!! I can say though that when it starts getting cold out, I start curling up into a little ball 🙂 Sure I think it’s gorgeous outside but I’d rather be inside! Give me a blanket, a book, and some warm yummy food and I’ll be fine inside thanks.

I don’t exactly know what it is but my motivation goes out the window and I hide out until the sun comes back out to warm things up. I used to think I would be moody during the winter but now I think it was just my crazy teenage hormones. HAHA I remember the first time I met B it was so nice outside and I said, “If you can handle me in the winter we’ll be just fine together.” Yeah .. okay so maybe there is something wrong with me but the more people I meet the more I am hearing they feel the same way! If I could get groceries, medicine, and a doctor to come to the house in the winter without it costing an arm and leg I would probably not leave the house unless I had absolutely had to.

WebMD‘s list of signs of seasonal depression are:

decreased levels of energy

difficulty concentrating


increase in appetite

increased desire to be alone

increased need for sleep

weight gain

Not all those symptoms actually fit me so I that makes me feel better but the people that are diagnosed with this have an option of light therapy and oh my how much I want this to feel like I have been out in the sun all day when I haven’t is TOTALLY AWESOME!! If I could lay out in the sun and not get burnt to death, cancer, or something worse I would. I love the sun! I love the way I look when I am tan, I love the feeling of complete comfort it gives me. I love how relaxed it makes me feel and I wish it was sunny all year long! 

I am missing summer already!!!

I have no idea what brought up this post but there’s just one more random thing you now know about me 🙂

Love Always,


Questions with No Answers.

12 Oct

What exactly do you do when you have everything that you could possibly want that’s within your reach?

I am happily married, have an amazing daughter, live in a nice place, and get to stay at home like I always dreamed. What’s next? Yeah we are saving for a down payment for a new place which will happen eventually. It would be nice if I could figure out what exactly it is that I am really good at so I could concentrate on making that my next attempt for an income but that will happen eventually too. But everything that’s out of our reach is going to take time to accomplish. So I guess what I am saying is, what do I do in between?

I can’t rush saving for a new place unless I get a job which defeats the purpose of being a stay at home mom and I have already crunched numbers to save as much as we can. I can’t rush figuring out what I am really good at because the only things I am really good at are being a mom and being artistic. So I am jumping through hoops trying as many crafts as I can to find out where exactly I belong. This may take a while!!

Do you ever feeling like you are trying so hard to make everyone else happy that it’s taking up your entire time?

Sometimes I think that’s why I don’t get anywhere with my crafts because I am too busy worried about everything else. Sometimes I think I am just too scared to commit to something because it might not make the income we need. Then some things I do very well but I am sure there’s someone else that does it better, in fact I already know someone does. Most of the time.. I give up.

When it comes to E, I try my hardest and do whatever it takes to get her through the day. I put as much energy I can into her and I am so proud of how it’s turning out. So if that is the only thing that I am REALLY good at.. how am I supposed to provide an income for a family?

Honestly if we were living anywhere else besides Northern Virginia I feel like we wouldn’t be worried about making enough money. At first I moved here thinking the moms around here were just rich and spoiled. That they sent their kids to daycare because they wanted to work, they were materialistic, and they didn’t care like I care about E. Boy was I wrong and I’ll be the first to admit that was the worst stereotypical thing I probably could have thought. The reason these moms are working instead of staying home to raise their children is because they can’t afford to live here otherwise! It costs an arm and a leg to live here. But this is where the jobs are and in an economy like this we would be putting our entire life on the line to move.

So how can a mom like me live in a place like this?

I am the kind of person who wants to be there for my child whenever she needs me. Not the kind of smothering you are probably thinking! The kind that my mom was. The one who said, “come to me when you need me and I’ll always be here no matter what.” It was the fact that she could be there if I needed something and all I had to do was ask. I would forget my paper that I wrote for English class at home on the dinning room table and she would bring it to school before the class started. I would forget my lunch (on multiple occasions) and she would drop it off for me. I would get sick in the middle of class she would pick me up, take me home, and take care of me. Or the best one yet, I would come home crying from school because someone said something about me that hurt so bad I didn’t think I could make it one more day and she would be there to hold me and get me through the pain. That’s the kind of mother I want to be. I want to be available for shopping, helping with homework, driving her wherever her and her friends want to go. I want to be the MOM!

So again .. what exactly is it that I am supposed to do to keep this and also provide for my family?

I feel like I am trying everything here and I know it’s only going to take time but how much time do I have?

Love Always,


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