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Making A Pattern Template

7 May

With the craft room open for business I have been working every extra chance I get up there! One of my first projects was a fabric headband that I posted about earlier. Today I wanted to share with you how I made my own pattern template.


Since I’m not your average size adult, things don’t tend to fit me properly and I find I need things custom made often (quite like my custom desk and it’s custom low height πŸ˜‰ haha). So I tend to make my own patterns based of similar styles I like.


Here’s what you’ll need to create your own pattern template like mine:

Measuring tape
Pencil / Pen
Mat board
Scissors / Xacto Knife

With the fabric headband that I’ve been seeing all over the place, I knew buying one a traditional one size fits all would not fit so I did some playing around with fabric and elastic and measured it to fit me. You can either use the elastic itself to measure around your head or use measuring tape to see what fits you.

Then I divided that measurement into two parts: (1) being the elastic. I wanted it to not really be seen with my hair down so I measured it from under my ear to the other ear. (2) Headband from the bottom of one ear going all the way around the top of my head to the bottom of the other ear. I also took a quick measurement how how wide I wanted the headband to be.


I suggest drawing out what you are going to make and writing the measurements down there so you don’t forget them! After that I cut the (2) headband measurement in half since I’d be cutting the fabric on the fold.


Once I found a width I liked for the top to the bottom I was ready to go. I took my ruler and my pencil and created a drawing on top of mat board like so. Then used my exacto knife to cut out the template.


Why do I use mat board? Because it’s easy to store, it’s sturdy but not heavy, and yes sometimes it gets messed up in the process but it’s easy to make again and it’s pretty darn cheap!


Once I have the template how I like, I get to cutting out fabric and starting to produce them in assembly line process. You can never have too many headbands right?


Please note that I came up with a rough draft trial and did a test run before I made my template so I knew I’d be happy with the outcome. Hint: I always suggest making a trial with scrap fabric just in case it doesn’t work out you haven’t ruined the material you wanted to use for it!Β 


A Fabric Headband

30 Apr

TodayΒ I attempted and failed a fabric headband only to try it again and finally make it!!

photo 1

I have been trying to find things to use with my scraps and since Emma has been headband crazy these past few days I’ve decided to make her a few as well as a few adult ones! This one is an adult size but that didn’t stop Emma from trying it on!

What you’ll need:

Fabric – one to two fat quarters would work for this project.
Fabric Scissors and Regular Scissors
Matching Thread
Pins or Clips
Iron and Ironing Board

Soon I will have a pattern up for sale in my Etsy store for those who would rather just print out the sizes I used instead of measuring and figuring it out on your own!

photo 5 (1)
I cut out the fabric according to my measurements, ironed on the interfacing to the outside of one piece of fabric and clipped them together. You’ll see that I went ahead and folded my ends in to give it that clean finished look on the edges when it’s done.

photo 3 (1)
I did about a 1/4 seam around the edges sewing on top of the folded edges to keep them in place.

photo 4 (1)

Then comes the tricky part!

photo 2 (1)

Flipping the fabric inside out isn’t always the easiest and if you sew to closely to the edges it will rip the ends. I used my fingers to turn one side into the other and slowly feed it through the middle of the tube. Once the fabric started getting close to the smaller side I used a crochet needle to help me push it through.

photo 1 (1)
Once flipped inside out I ironed it flat, you could also do a top stitch for decoration here if you’d like, I chose the simple method of not doing it!!

photo 5
I cut out about a 4 inch piece of elastic to give me enough room to slide in the ends and sew it in.

photo 4
I chose to do a box like sew to ensure that the elastic was sewn in well and wouldn’t rip. You can do a decorative stitch here if you’d like.

photo 3
I did the same thing with the elastic inside the middle piece of the end and did a box shape sew.

photo 2
Even though it was too big for her, she was excited to try it on! I’m excited to make her a mini one that will actually fit her! One of my favorite things about this is that I made it reversible. This makes it easier to mix and match with outfits, and since this little one has a ton of outfits, she will be getting a ton of reversible ones!


New Craft Room Tour

23 Apr

A big shout out to my wonderful Dad who put all this together and my wonderful husband who put in a lot of time and grunt work helping out! It’s finally here!



The hardwood floors are in, my dream desk has been designed and put together, and my stash of supplies are slowly getting put where they belong! Surprisingly my upper cabinets aren’t anywhere near full yet (oh but they will be!).

My stock wall is being filled as we speak. Surprisingly throughout this process (and a big thanks to my mom) I have more stock than I did prior to Christmas! Which is making me feel a lot calmer since Peanut is going to come and mess up my schedule even more πŸ˜‰

My shipping section is fully stocked and ready go as well as my photo corner which I’ll be tweaking a little bit but has been working out like a gem the past few days! I love that it’s on a rolling cart so I can find the perfect light spots depending on what time of day it is.


What’s left to do besides craft? Well we haven’t done anything with the closet yet. I wanted to wait and see how I used the rest of the space before I decided what my closet needed to be. So far it’s craft show supplies storage and a few rolls of batting. So happy to have that beautiful two door closet instead of an obnoxious wall in between it tho!


I also have a new sign to hang that my Dad decided was a must have for door outside! I can’t wait to hang it up! I’ll also be on the hunt for some great wall decor items and ideas for my “backsplash” behind my desk. I think we’ve finally hit the finishing touches stage and I am proud to say I’ve already spent a few amazing days up there getting lost in fabric and photos.

Don’t forget to check out my Etsy store now that it’s up and running!

DIY Place Mats

8 Aug

Β I have been dying to try out this pattern that I got from my Maw Maw (actually Brian’s Maw Maw but I claim her as mine!) and I finally got the chance to do it! This is so simple and so much fun. What you’ll need:

Mat Board
Pencil Scissors
1.5 to 2 yards of fabric
Sewing Machine
Iron & Board

If you have everything you need minus the mat board – do not go out and buy mat board! Find a box laying around your house that’s wide enough and long enough for this project.

There are three different sizes you could use for a place mat so feel free to pick any one, I chose the first:

or 12′ diameter for round.

First I took measurements to create my template, made a drawing on my board, and cut it out with scissors.
Once you have it cut out you’ll never have to measure again!!! That is probably my favorite thing about templates πŸ™‚ I have scrapes and piles of mat board, boxes, laying around the house just for this purpose.

Pull out your fabric and lay your template down on top and cut around it. I fold my fabric over and do two cuts at one time to make sure they are exactly identical!


Once you have your two pieces cut out I flip them inside out and give them a quick iron to make sure the pieces lay flat.

Pin around the edges and sew around all of them but leave a large enough opening on one side to flip it inside out.


As you can see in this photo – I just did a straight plain stitch around the edges.


And here is my opening to flip it inside out!


Once it’s flipped do a quick iron again, iron down the edges of the opening and pin it for sewing closed.


Sew all the edges with a fun decorative stitch and your done!


If you have seen my work before you know this is my go to decorative stitch. It uses up a lot of thread but I love the way it looks and it feels really secure!


I hope you enjoyed my place mats tutorial and if you’d like to go ahead and purchase them – I have these up on Etsy for sell here.


My Little Super Hero

9 Jul

Emma beans has been watching a super hero show called Word Girl and has completely fallen in love πŸ™‚ After “flying” around the room and singing that she was a super hero I decided to ask her if she wanted some super girl hero swag. She looked at me like I was nuts! Then I said, “Emma would you like me to make you a super hero cape?” Her response?

001Giddy excitement πŸ™‚ After looking at a few YouTube tutorials – I knew this was going to be a piece of cake!

004I measured my little girl, made a template with the sizes on it and got my materials out and ready!

005First step was to draw out the template on the material. Since this is just play clothes I wasn’t exact in my measuring or drawing.

007Before I cut out the second piece I made sure this was going to fit!\


009After I cut out the second piece I ran it under the iron real quick (remember it doesn’t need to be perfect! It’s play clothes!)

010Next I took a piece of felt (since it doesn’t fray) and used a bowl to cut a circle.

011I hopped on the computer and printed out a letter e. I chose a lowercase because I thought it would look better with the curves of the circle! (Plus it’s easier to place in the middle!)

012I put my black felt under the letter e, pinned it, and cut it out. I removed the paper e and then hand stitched the felt e onto the circle. It might be easier to use the sewing machine instead of hand stitch but I was too lazy to change out the bobbin πŸ˜‰

013Next I put the circle in the middle of the cape and did a quick sew line around the circle. Not perfect at all but again it’s play clothes!

014I put the two pieces back to back and did a quick sew all along the edges leaving a small part at the bottom to flip it inside out. Ran it under the iron real quick, and did a fun stitch at the bottom to seal that end in.

015Most people would sew all the way around for a finished look but this is supposed to be a quick easy project so just finishing of the end was good enough for me!

016Next I put snaps on the ends to keep the cape on. Obviously I butchered the first snap so I did a second πŸ˜‰


I like the thick straps in front with the snap – something about string just drives me crazy!

018And Tada! We have a little super hero in our house! Emma is crazy in love with her cape πŸ™‚ Her one disappoint was that she thought once she had a cape – she’d be able to fly!! Poor thing was a little flustered but she wouldn’t take it off all day!


Spending Time, Not Money.

19 Nov

If you don’t know me at all – I’ll ago ahead and let you know that I’m 4’11, around 95 pounds, and 24 years old. Finding clothes that fit me but don’t make me look 15 like this picture below does – is DIFFICULT! A few weeks ago I went through all of my clothes and decided to get rid of all the things I haven’t worn in a while.

This jacket was one of them. The reason I wanted to get rid of? The sleeves were ridiculously too long, which doesn’t help my height factor at all. Other than that, I love this jacket! Would I ever find one that fit me perfectly? Probably not. So instead of getting rid of it, I decided to fix it myself:

First things first, I turned it inside out, flipped the sleeve over to the length I like (A little longer than my wrist but not past my nuckles) and left a quarter of an inch of length for stitching. Pinning this by yourself is not an easy task so it’s nice to have someone handy around to help you with. I didn’t, so I just looked like a goof doing it myself πŸ˜‰

Then it was time to sew! I used my favorite X stitch to make it as durable as possible. It took me all of 2 minutes per sleeve.

My one suggestion to you is NEVER to cut it until you try it on and are happy with the length. Since I like things on the longer side this seemed perfect for me.

Then I took my scissors and started cutting right at the seam of my Β new stitch. Be careful not to cut the stitching or cut through the second layer of fabric. I took my time with this part since I am super clumsy (if I don’t teach you anything, please just remember – impatience is not your friend with scissors!!!).

Once it’s cut all the way around it will look like this (inside out). Then you are done! Fixing clothes is not hard and now I can keep this jacket instead of buying another one that still wouldn’t fit me right πŸ˜‰

Saving money but spending a little time. Since I have a pile high of clothes I decided to edit instead of trash – this will be come a weekly post. Looking forward to showing you what I’ve got planned for next Monday! It involves an old knitted shirt:

I’m pretty sure this isn’t in style anymore – but I wore it all through high school, and sadly up until now πŸ˜›

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


Bed Sheet Headband

19 Sep

One more bedsheet project for those of you who are needing ideas for all that fabric and extra pieces!!

What can you do with the elastic edges of a bedsheet?

Oh I can think of a few things πŸ˜‰ But today I’ll just show you one of them!

I took the elastic piece and wrapped it around Emma’s head and measured it. I then pinned it and grabbed some thread. All it took was sewing the two pieces together and tada! A cute little headband for my cute little girl!

She loved it so much she decided she wanted to make one so I let her “help me” with a second one. After cutting of a small excess piece I decided I was going to make a little flower out of it and attach it to the headband. I’ll have pictures of that later πŸ˜‰

Love that little girl πŸ™‚ and her new headband!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


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Playing Catch Up!

29 Apr

Hello There!

Hey everyone πŸ™‚

Sadly there is not much change from the past few days around here except for the fact that it’s clean!! I’ve been spending the past few days getting this place back up to par as well as working on the studio to clean it up and get it ready for some massive crafting. I’ve also been working on inventory, listings, pictures and such. My etsy page is getting a huge makeover! I know I’ve been talking about it for a while but thank goodness I actually found the time to get it done πŸ˜‰

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new listings that are coming – but there are MUCH MUCH more already made waiting to be posted!

Lots of things to look forward too! Plus on the list of things to make are:



Pacifier Clips

Bibs (I’m going to take another stab at them πŸ˜‰ haha)


Appliqued Onesies

Sewing Machine Cover


Fabric Containers

and much more.Β 

Looks like I need to get a little busy huh? I hope you all are looking forward to it as much as I am! I’m so happy to be dedicating more time to my etsy shop as well as my blog. It’s been a rough couple of months balancing time, money, and family but there’s never a perfect time to start living out your dreams. Thankfully I have such a supporting family to understand this desire I have and their efforts in pushing me to succeed at it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


The Perfect Finds!

28 Mar

After a day long trip of thrift store hunting I found some AWESOME finds! I also found some awesome places to go back for some more shopping as well as other’s I’ll probably skip unless I’m looking for something specific..

Check out my awesome finds:

My mother-in-law found this perfect bench for Emma at the Blue Ridge Hospice Thrift shop! It doesn’t need anything done to it and we’ve already put it to use a few times πŸ˜‰

I found this desk at Unique in Falls Church! I’m going to sand it down, paint it or stain it, and paint the top of the desk with chalkboard paint! I’m so excited to see how this turns out!

Here is Emma’s new desk chair! It needs a few touch ups so we’ll be sanding and painting this one as well. It’s a little big for her but she can get in and out of it on her own so I think this will be something she grows with perfectly!

This was an impulse buy! It was only two bucks so I’m going to touch up the paint, lay a thin sheet of wood down in it and wrap that with fabric to make a cute tray to place things in!

Heck yes for cheap patterns! Especially home decor patterns! I hate spending a bunch of money on patterns not knowing whether I’m going to like them or change them πŸ˜‰ This is a great way to try new patterns without feeling that guilt of paying too much! I also bought some awesome fabric by the bunch that you’ll see when I show off my work with these new patterns πŸ˜€

Hooray for two dollar batting! I spend a fortune on batting and usually buy it in bulk like this but you can’t beat less than 50 cents a yard!

So those were my awesome finds this weekend! The Blue Ridge Hospice Thrift Shop in Purcellville is going to be my first trip each weekend from now on. That thrift store was AMAZING!

Stay tuned to see what I do with these perfect finds!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


Tuesday Tutorial: Pencil Case!

27 Mar

Welcome to Tuesday Tutorials – where I find awesome easyΒ tutorialsΒ for you – now go get craftyΒ πŸ˜‰

This crafty tutorial comes from:Β ASpoonfulofSugar

How to Make a Pencil Case

With the new school year nearly upon us in Australia, I am making up a few easy zipperedpatchwork pencil cases. This is a great scrap buster project. The little zippered pouches can be used for all manner of things. Mine was sized to fit approx 6 pens; or a small pack of tissues; or a small notebook and pen; or a few cosmetics.



Thanks for stopping by!


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