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Crafts: WIP Wednesday

6 Jul

Work In Progress Wednesday!!

Although these aren’t exactly a work in progress.. they are new! I just finished these today and will be posting them on etsy soon! The picture qualities aren’t the best so I am going to wait until tomorrow to get some good ones for the etsy listings.

One more towards the baby boy style and one little girl style. I have an I love Mommy & Daddy in the same print in Blue and Green I’ll be doing later and two more that I am really excited and then it’s time to go fabric shopping again 😉

I’ve had more fun doing these than I thought I would! Ever since my mom let me play around with her sewing machine in high school I have always been a huge fan of sewing. Although I haven’t actually had a FUN time sewing many things. I would always get frustrated or wished I had done it differently.. These are a different story. Yes, it took me a few times to get it to where I thought it was perfect enough to sell 😉 but it didn’t take long!! I caught on quickly and they are so much fun to make! I love the finished look and it’s taking everything in me not to monogram it 😛

Let me know what you think!

Love Always,


Crafts: Project 2 of 5

17 Jun

Today I repurposed a cork board for my project today. I’ve been wanting to this for so long and it’s so nice to finally have a place to keep all my miscellaneous things and still look pretty 🙂 I found this fabric in the scrap section of JoAnn‘s a while ago and it came in handy because the colors match our living room and since my craft area is in the common area it’s nice to make it flow with the rest of the room.

This was a super easy project and only took a few minutes and a man with muscle. Seeing as how I couldn’t work the monstrous staple gun, I left that part to my father 😉

While I was out shopping I grabbed a few other things this morning… another project that might take longer than I expected is punch needle. I got a cute home sweet home sign to start out with to keep it simple but boy is it going to take some patience 😉

I got new needles so I can sew some burp cloths without killing my machine 😛 I’m determined to do those.

I found some vinyl paper for my cricut cutter on sale!! They are usually $5.99 and were on sale for a little over $2.00 so I can try out some designs for our living room and E’s room and not feel like I wasted money!

And of course I can’t go to the store without at least looking at stamps so I got two new ones and hopefully I’ll have two new frames to show you when I get around to that.

So lots more fun to come!! Seems like I’m on a roll here, let’s keep it going!! I’m consistently working on the embroidery project and the punch needle project a little bit each day so that when those will be ready sooner rather than later and I need to pick up my pace on the scarf but this hott weather is making it hard to pick up the yarn & needle.

Let me know what you think.

Love Always,



Crafts: Epic Fail..

9 Jun

Yeap. I did an epic fail today. I killed my sewing machine.. Let me rephrase that. I temporarily tortured my sewing machine to the point of no return until we make it JoAnn‘s and someone more professional finds a way to save me 😀 and tell me what the heck I did wrong!?

Somehow .. my bobbin is tilted and half of the string is pulled up tightly in between the needle hole and fabric. Yeap.. I can’t get it out. Ripping would cause more damage and hacking at it with scissors has gotten me no where. Poor sewing machine. Guess you know what I’ll be doing tomorrow!

Wanna take a look at the damage?

If you can’t tell .. the bobbin is permanently in that slanted position. No way that sucker is moving.

On a slightly better note I did finish the last bib today! And hopefully tomorrow I can steal my mom’s sewing machine long enough to finish this project.

I love doing these bibs. They are easy, fun, and each time I do one I can’t wait to do the next 😀

These may pop up on my etsy so if your interested send me a shout!

Then here comes the AWESOME news!! I am officially off work until the 20th!! That’s right! So you can bet your bottom dollar that this girl is going to be in crafting heaven, and maybe even sewing heaven if I can get this thing fixed 😛 Until then I’ll stick to things I can’t break!!

Love Always,


Crafts: A Mom’s Day Off Success Story ;)

23 Apr

Let me just start off by saying that I absolutely love my child. I really really adore her – but today ROCKED! I put aside my daily chores, put aside the cleaning nagging feeling inside, put aside electronic distractions, gave my child to her Nana, and B even got out of the house to pick up a few things and wash his car 😀

Today was a completely awesome mommy day off and I have proof to show 😉

I’ve been dying to pull out my sewing machine so I started off with some scrap fabric I picked up and a zipper I had for another project 😛 I didn’t use a pattern or really measure (very well). I just made a zipper pouch for the fun of not having to follow directions, take twenty minutes to figure out what the heck they are saying, oh and hey I didn’t even iron the fabric 😛 I went all out and did it my way or the highway and I love it!! Now that I’ve finished making it, I have a better idea of an easier more flawless way to make it but who cares!? I just wanted to make SOMETHING! and I did .. so here it is 😀

I don’t know exactly what I am going to use it for yet, but who cares?! LOOK WHAT I MADE!! So proud of me 😀

After that I made some report cards for next week. Yes I would show you pictures but they aren’t that amazing. I kinda went skimpy/boring on them just because I wanted to get them done. If I get the itch to make them better after dinner I’ll see what I can do then maybe they’ll be picture worthy.

Then after that I took a lunch break! Yay two PB&J’s please and thank you! Then it was back to work, after I sat for a minute, and watched TV (insert guilty face). I blame B, he was lounging watching TV and I couldn’t resist.

Then back to work it was for me! I decided to use my new paint pens, yes!! I ordered some new paint pens 😀

So of course I had to use them Right Away!! Well if you saw my last monkey frame.. it was a sad disaster. I decided now that I have the colors I needed that I’d try again. Here’s how it turned out:

Much better looking monkeys if I do say so myself 😉 Well that was way too much fun! I needed today to kick it back and just be creative and I have a feeling I’m going to have to figure out how to do this with E somehow. I’ll have to come up with some plans on keeping her distracted happy and maybe even crafty with me (as in crayons and paper crafty). Never know until you try!?

Well it’s about time to go pick munchkin up so I’ll be back later tonight!

Love Always,


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