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A Tisket A Tasket

18 Mar

Two girls made a basket! My neighbor has joined in the basket making fun with me and we are addicted! Not only that, but we are getting a lot of interest so we decided we’d open up a shop and see how it goes. There isn’t anything posted yet but who knows where this could lead!


I’m up for an adventure!

Coming Soon


Getting A New Look!

2 Sep

I’m in the process of giving my shop pictures a new look!


I’ve been reading up on a lot of photography tips and ideas for etsy sellers and finally decided it was time I put it all together and did some styling of my own.

My goal was to not spend a dime and although I failed – I only spent $1.00. That’s right, one dollar on that lovely wrapping paper at the dollar store as the background.


I did it all with iphone too! I downloaded adobe’s photo app and plugged in my account with them and boom, perfect editing tools.

I grabbed things around the house that I thought would make the pictures more interesting and just did a trial and error feel.


I think I can comfortably say that I have found my “look”! Next step will be revamping all of my previous listings and getting these new ones up and going!

It’s time for fall – time to get my shop in shape!

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