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Away from Home

22 Jan

I don’t know what it is about sleeping alone but I can go through an entire trip and be just fine until it’s time to fall asleep without my husband by my side.

I’m beat tired and in desperate need of sleep but here I am wide awake. I tried reading and listening to music but none of it is working.

You would think with the waterfall and river flowing by or the pitter patter of rain hitting the tin roof that it would lull me to sleep. Being without the one person who makes you feel so comfortable and worry free is taking a toll on me.

As much as i have loved every minute of this trip and would do it again in a heart beat I am excited to be back in his arms.

Daily Life: Who needs sleep?

10 Aug

It’s now day two of our trip and both E and I are lacking sleep! We got to Maryland in time for lunch and then checked into the hotel right at nap time. Instead of actually napping though E just laid in her makeshift crib and sung twinkle twinkle little star over and over.. I have to admit I am seriously impressed with how still and quite she was for the two hours but the napping part of it didn’t happen!! I was a little worried how the rest of the day would go and I had every right to be!

E decided since she had some down time she would be a riot at the viewing.. lucky me!! I spent the majority of the night chasing her around, watching her melt into a tantrum every time I said no, and try not to look to embarrassed when she growled and everyone. That’s right – my daughter RAWRS like a dinosaur or monster… at everyone. (Thank you Caillou)

That was pretty much my day yesterday 😛

This morning I woke up 4:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep. You would think from being completely exhausted I’d pass out no problem but that’s just not the case! Instead I’ve been up working on feature’s and miscellaneous work. So this car ride to Philly? I hope we both get some shut-eye 😉

Love Always,


Daily Life: Rainy days are meant for napping!

8 Apr

Everybody in this house was snoozing except for me! P took an hour and a half morning nap (which is usually a 30 minute nap) and then a two-hour afternoon nap (which is usually an hour and a half). E took a two and half hour afternoon nap when she has been only taking an hour these past few days. THANK YOU RAINY WEATHER. Now where is my nap?!

After dinner tonight I have a feeling I am going to curl up in a little ball on this couch and catch up on some serious reading. Maybe even have a glass of hot chocolate 😉 Who knows but if it’s going to be like this tomorrow, I can guarantee you that I will not be accomplishing anything!! Okay okay, I give in, I am going shopping in the morning to get seat cushions for the little chairs and lounge chair, some outdoor decorative pillows, and maybe an outdoor rug. Then B wanted to go see a movie tomorrow so if we can get someone to watch E we’ll be doing that. In between all that madness? Ya, I am doing nothing!!

Sunday will probably be just as busy! My dad is going to finish up the fence on the patio and we are probably going to have family over for some BBQ and to enjoy our new patio .. that is the girls and E will be enjoying the patio while the boys are sitting inside watching golf 😀 I plan on spending as much time as possible outside on Sunday since it’s going to be in the high seventies the majority of the day!!

As much as I would love a weekend to just craft, I am starting to realize that is probably never going to happen. Something always comes up and when it doesn’t, E doesn’t seem to go along with the plans. I’m really going to have to redo my schedule and find some me time to get crafting done before I go insane!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the day!

Love Always,


Daily Life: One Lonely Night

5 Mar

B is out of town this weekend and I don’t think I have slept without him in a long time. It was a little tough to go to bed but once I fell asleep I was okay. It was E waking up at 1:00 a.m. to tell me she wasn’t happy daddy was gone either that really threw me off! It took me a while to get back to sleep after that then little sunshine decided she was going to stick to her new schedule and wake up at 7:30. I thought for sure since she woke up at one that she would sleep in. Guess that shows how much I know 😉

Even though I am exhausted from rearranging this place and not getting a full nights sleep, I am still seriously excited about all of the things I want to accomplish today! For as long as my back will let me, I’ll be purging through all of my things and hopefully getting rid of baskets full of stuff that I forgot I even had!

Cross your fingers this place gets a little less clustered and a lot more room for my one year plan! But until the clock says ten I am sitting on my butt and crocheting because this girl needs a break!!

Love Always,


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