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Addiction: Blogging vs. Living

15 Jun

What happens to an addicted blogger decides to live without technology for a period of time? (Note I still had my phone – I just limited my time on it)


  • The first few hours you are having mini anxiety attacks wondering if you are going to make it and you might even log back in just to see if everything’s okay.
  • The first day you spend twitching wondering if you have any views or your followers are mad because you haven’t posted but then say “oh yeah it’s only be 24 hours they probably don’t care”.
  • The second day you are seriously questioning your decision to stay off it and think all of your followers are going to hate you, leave, never come back, unsubscribe, and shake their head thinking “another one bites the dust”.
  • The third day you wake up wanting to just check it once – that’s it, then you’ll be okay for the rest of the day you promise.
  • The fourth day you get an email from a blog on your phone that you are subscribed to and shake your head wishing you were as awesome and dedicated as they were.
  • The fifth day you swear you won’t look at your blog or even open your iphone app!! (which at that point wasn’t a problem for me because it kept crashing grrrr)
  • The next few days you find things to keep you busy like reading an actual book instead of your PC downloaded Nook or other blogs or spending some quality time outside!
  • The last few days you are sitting around thinking, wow I should totally write a blog post about this and take a picture so they can all see!!!
  • The very last day you are overflowing with things you want to blog about, don’t know what to start with, and if you weren’t going to be made fun of you’d jump up and down with glee that you’ve made it this long and will be back to blogging in no time!!!!!
  • The last few hours, you are sitting next to the computer, staring at it beating yourself up about the fact that all you want to do is LOG ON RIGHT NOW!
  • The last ten minutes, you have up until now kept yourself busy with mindless miscellaneous tasks around the house and you are seriously at your breaking point with excitement and anticipation.
  • The moment you log on – it’s like a breath of fresh air. YOU ARE BACK BABY!!
  • After you write and submit your post you click on your view stats every minute to see if your followers are going to come back or hate you forever!
Thanks for coming back ๐Ÿ˜‰

Love Always,


Under Construction!

3 Mar

Alright everyone!! Thank you all for being awesome followers of my blog ๐Ÿ˜€ If you have been here from the beginning you know that I’ve done A LOT of changing around here. Some things for the better – some I’ll be tweaking a little!! I’m going back to making this blog completely personal. I’ve started a new blog so that I can keep up with the business, features, tutorials, and such so if you love all those things make sure to follow me


There will also be handmade product reviews on that site so if you are interested in buying handmade products check out that site of mine – there are tons of tips and tricks in order to find out if the store has good quality and customer service.

Now back to the new/old blog here! I really missed just rambling about how my life was going and what all I was doing so I decided to separate the two interests into two blogs and I’ll be going back to the basics with this one. If you love the random personal posts then stay here! I’ll be talking about what I’m working on at home, life with my lovely two-year old and husband, and things I’m learning about as I go through life.


If there are certain topics you’d like to hear about or if there’s something in particular that I write about that interests you – please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and tell me what you think! I’d love to hear what my readers are looking for.
Talk to you all soon!

Love Always,


I am a Blogaholic.

14 Nov

For the amount of time I have wasted trying to figure out a new time managementย plan I have come to realize my real problem. For the majority of time I spend on the internet looking at other people’s crafts, book reviews, and random posts I could have probably made a million more crafts. Haha. So time management isn’t exactly my problem. Getting off the dang computer to do something creative is!! It’s amazing how easily distracted I get using the tag surfer to “surf” through all the blog posts that are similar to my likes. I spend hours in front of this computer searching and reading what everyone else is doing and sitting in awe of how these people manage to balance life, crafts, books, kids, and blogging. When really these people probably spend a majority of their life living, crafting, and blogging about it.. not reading everyone else’s blogs about it! So the first step is admitting it.

I am a blogaholic.

Next step minimizing my wasteful computer hogging time and doing something else for goodness sake! I still want to have enough time to surf and read the blogs once a day but I think I can manage doing it ONLY once a day. Maybe this way I can get more done with my life, crafts, and books then I ever thought possible!

So this is my new promise to myself. I get to be on the computer for an hour in the morning and then at night after E goes down for a nap and B is in video game land. ๐Ÿ™‚

YAY!ย Lets see how long this lasts ๐Ÿ˜‰

Love Always,


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