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Easy Peasy

24 Jan

So here I was this morning completely overwhelmed, off schedule, and not feeling so hot. E was on the fussy side – probably teething or not feeling well either, not eating, not really playing either. It took me until nap time to get my head on straight. I made a little list to do and got in the shower. Completed half the list and realized I was feeling so overwhelmed that I literally laid down and did nothing. Then “BAM” it hit me. All day today I have been saying in my head, I need to do this, I need to do that, It’s been way too long since I vacuumed, I haven’t really cooked anything today, I’ve got nothing to blog about, I don’t feel like sewing, I haven’t cleaned out the storage and I said I would dedicate an hour to it, oh that’s right.. I haven’t done anything I’m supposed to do today..

Step 2 to my chaos. Did the few things on my list to make the house (besides my bedroom) look acceptable and decided that I am spreading my huge long list of things to do throughout the week instead of one entire day of list list list! Laundry does not have to be done in one day (although I can try), vacuuming can wait until tomorrow, cleaning up the bedroom can wait two days, cleaning the bathroom can wait three, but i’ll still do a little bit of the storage each day, and that will give me to craft.

B said something yesterday and I almost threw a pillow at his face. He said he thinks he could get everything done that needed to be done and still play his video games most of the day if he was a stay at home dad. Yes he does an amazing job of doing dishes, cooking, helping with E, and still playing video games but it’s TWO days TWO days!! I’d like to see him try a weeks worth of chores and take care of E. I don’t think he’d get half the things done he thinks he would 😉

Although half the time I wish he was. I miss him when he’s gone and I think he would be a great stay at home dad. It would be nice to have an extra hand all day but we would both have to have jobs from home, which means we would still really be working half the day. At least we could trade hours 😉

Well today I am crocheting (what’s new right!?), E should be up any minute, and B is home with a headache.. looks like today was a rough one for him too! I’m thinking leftovers for dinner or taco salads.. Easy peasy.

Love Always,


It is what it is..

7 Dec

So today I have come to the realization that it won’t be long until my dream life is partially over. As much fun as it has been and as much as I love it, I am probably not going to be a stay at home mom for much longer. It’s something that B and I have been talking about lately and I knew it was going to happen eventually but I think it’s probably going to be sooner than later. It’s going to be a sad change to my life but that’s just how the world turns. So hopefully I will get some seriously awesome mommy time before I start part-time job searching!

Love Always,


Can anyone hear me?

27 Oct

Today was not at all how I planned it to be. I had made my lists and put them in order of importance and checked off one thing at a time. I was doing great and was feeling great until about 11:00. It’s funny how just a few things back to back can just throw off your day completely and before you know it it’s 4:00 and you haven’t gotten near what you had planned done. For those stay at home mom’s out there, today was one of those days where I wish I could have screamed, “JUST BECAUSE I AM A STAY AT HOME MOM DOESN’T MEAN I DON’T HAVE THINGS TO DO ALL DAY!” Although even if I had screamed, no one would have heard me or cared. Thank goodness for my mother-in-law who reminded me that B would be home any minute and that she was there to help if I needed her. Another thank goodness for my husband who came home and said, “Okay, what do you want me to do.” and did it. We got everything manageable done and the rest I’ll just have to push through this week.

Ready to get passed this hump of frustration so I can move on to the better things in life! Maybe I’ll go take a shower to collect my thoughts and feel refreshed 🙂

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