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Happy Birthday Big Sister!

19 Aug

My Sister’s birthday was Monday, but we celebrated it yesterday! She wanted a relaxing night in with the family and my Dad’s family recipe for steaks. If you have never eaten one of his steaks before you are seriously missing out. That man has the recipe to bring you to your knees and never go out for steaks again.

Not only are they making my mouth water just talking about it – they are free! We don’t go out for steaks for dinner in this family often – who would after eating those?

Okay! Sorry, totally sidetracked 😉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the person I’ve always looked up to my entire life. Figuratively and Literally. Even though I haven’t quite followed her in her footsteps she seriously is a one of a kind, dedicated, and monumental person in my life.

So for all of you who are wondering what I got her? Here you go! She’s a book person – so why would I buy her anything else but book related things of course:

Oh that song 🙂 Haha – brings back memories! Yes – we do know all the words to that song. A sisterly bond that can’t be broken there. I got this from an awesome Etsy shop – if you want to check it out click on the picture!

Then books of course!

and more books of course. Can you tell the continuing theme here? But that’s not the only reason – not only are they books – but they are books by the people we grew up with. Memories oh memories 🙂 Let’s keep them coming back!

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