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Holiday Weekend Fun :)

26 Nov

Emma had a blast this thanksgiving weekend. Thursday we went over to see the North side of the family and Emma got to play football with her cousins and color with Dodo:

All that good food and playing led to this on the way home:

One zonked out child 😉 It was only a matter of minutes when we got her in the seat to get to this state!

Friday we had thanksgiving with the Durhams where Emma got to play with Tyler:

They are like two peas in a pod! Playing ball, building lego houses, puzzles, and chasing each other through the house. I have a feeling these two are going to enjoy growing up together.

Saturday we spent the day at Josh & Sarah’s house dog sitting. Emma spent a majority of the day building “sand castles with slides”:

and pretending to be a princess with the new necklace that mommy made:

Sunday was Papa’s birthday! So Emma went to Nana and Dodo’s house to play while the grown up went out to the movies and dinner.

This was on family filled holiday weekend! I hope your weekend was just as entertaining 🙂

Love Always,


Our Little Family.

21 Nov

It’s not often that the three of us go out together. If we are all home then usually one person stays with Emma and the other will run errands or one of us will take Emma out while the other stays home. Since a majority of the time Brian and I are both working there isn’t much time that we have together that overlaps and when we do we like to spend it together being lazy and enjoying each other’s company.

My schedule this year has picked up and we’ve been working a majority of four days a week instead of three – which I am not complaining about all! I love providing child care and watching the girls play together. Brian’s schedule is a normal Monday – Friday schedule but he has most Tuesdays off.

Almost every Tuesday I dedicate to running errands, getting groceries, and getting ready for the next week. I like to do all those things during the week because it’s so crowded on the weekends so it’s much more relaxing to go while everyone else is busy. Saturday’s and Sunday’s are when I get to work in the studio or we have family events. It’s a rare occasion around here when we don’t have at least one thing to do on the weekend.

Thanks to thanksgiving break this week and last Tuesday doing 99% of my errands for two weeks – this Tuesday was going to be an easy day. I only had one errand to run and we were all going out as a family together 🙂 Since this doesn’t happen often I like to soak it up and enjoy it!

I spent the morning getting ready, doing my hair and make up (which hardly happens), getting Emma ready, and cleaning up the house so we’d come home to no chores. Once we were all in the car I snapped a picture of Emma:

I think she was pretty excited about going out with both of us. We went to Harris Teeter to pick up rolls for Thanksgiving and a few other things. Watching Brian push her in the cart and chat with her was adorable! I don’t know what it is about men and their children but it makes my heart melt!

After wiping one Harris Teeter out of rolls we realized we needed to make another stop at a different Harris Teeter. Emma found it amusing that we were going to another grocery store!

It wasn’t much but I loved it.

My Wake Up Call

25 Apr

Hello There.

How’s everyone doing this week? It’s been a pretty uneventful week around here so far. Sure I’ve gotten some errands and chores done but nothing extra-ordinary! As you can probably see by now I haven’t written since Sunday because I haven’t really had anything exciting to share. Well thanks to a wonderful blogger – I now feel like sharing something about me that might just be something you share to!

Today is the awful, horrible, no good topic of Procrastination! Is it sad that I even procrastinated in writing this post? After reading about another procrastinators hints to fixing (thank you baexpat) I decided to share my own experiences.

He suggests making a to-do list. If you’ve read this blog at all you know that I have a love/hate relationship with lists. They always start out working like a charm! I love being able to mark something off my list, maybe it’s just me but scribbling out a line of words that really irritates you is like icing on the cake for me!

After a few days when I realize that the things that I didn’t get to on my first list got transferred to my second list, then again to my third list, fourth list and when I suddenly see that even when I cross off what I’ve done on my first list – it reappears again the next on my second list all over again. I want to cry.  Not only is my list getting longer and more stressful – I’m doing the same darn things each day because it doesn’t matter how much laundry, dishes, picking up toys, vacuuming, cleaning counters, taking out the trash you do – gosh darn it they appear out thin air the next day!

So here’s where I start to ditch the list because it’s easier to accomplish things other than daily chores when they aren’t staring at you on paper. Laundry will get ignored for a day only to let me accomplish cutting coupons. I rinse the dishes and decide to run the dishwasher tomorrow instead so I have more time to catch up on that project I haven’t touched that I’ve been dying to finish!

But wait!! Thanks to baexpat I just realize something that I didn’t know before..

“The point is that your brain will continue to juggle – and thus stress – about any piece of data that does not have a permanent home. Your brain will not let go of something until it knows that the task will be carried out.” – baexpat

So even if the dishes aren’t done and the laundry is sitting there – my brain is trying to remind myself that it needs to be done and not to forget about paying that bill as soon as my paycheck gets deposited. Which then leads to less sleep, more anxiety, and more procrastination because I’m so tired and stressed I can’t get anything done today.


Is there a common ground? Will I ever find a way to get things done around here without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out? For the past few days I’ve been banging my head trying to find a solution to this now oh so epic problem.

I pulled out my phone and logged into my Awesome Note App – my favorite place to organize information since I always have my phone on me. Even though baexpat suggested not sorting your to do list in different groups – I feel like there’s no other way to do it when you are living three different lives like I am 😛

So I set up my folders in order of importance as well as make notes to do in order of the way I’d like to get things done. There’s a trick to why I do this that I’ll explain a bit. Back to my folders – I set them up like this:

Daily List – these are the items that repeat themselves each day like laundry, dishes, cooking, etc.

Etsy – this is my business, orders, listings, bills, etc.

Blog – this is self-explanatory 😉 These are things I want to do for you guys!

NOVC – this is a group of crafters that I’m the founder of that I try to keep active in our local area.

To Do List – this is a list of things that aren’t repeating that I want to accomplish. They may not all need to be done right away but I’d like to get them accomplished eventually.

Shopping – Things I need to pick up. This may sound ridiculous but I always think of something I need to buy at the worst possible time to write things down (in the shower – don’t make fun it’s my thinking time).

Working a part-time job that gives me only two days a week to get extra things done or concentrate on my business makes it hard to get the extra to do list things done each day so really there is no point in even opening that list of things Monday, Wednesday, or Friday because they are not happening!!

Also goes true for Etsy. I really only have Tuesdays and the weekend to work on anything for Etsy so you can forget me opening that list of things any other day.

Second favorite thing about Awesome Note and my Daily List – since it repeats each day all I do is mark it completed when I finish, then remove the check mark before I go to bed and TADA it’s now ready for the next day of rinse and repeat 🙂

So back to my reasoning for having multiple sections of to do lists – there’s no point in stressing about things that you can’t physically accomplish unless you have the time to do it so here is my attempt to making a procrastinator get with the program and get things done. Obviously this won’t work with everyone but feel free to take your own spin on it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


What are some tips you use to fight procrastination and get things done?

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