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A Hot Wet Mess

10 Sep

This past weekend we had a hot wet mess in this house which made our lives go a little upside down! Our water heater decided to leak all over the place which almost flooded Emma’s room! Luckily nothing but the padding was damaged and the carpet was soaked.





The plumber came out the next day and replaced the water heater and we had a box fan in Emma’s room airing out the concrete as well as Emma’s carpet outside air drying!


We had to wait a few days for Emma’s carpet and room to dry so she ended up camping out in our room!


This was her temporary bed – which she was more than happy to sleep in. Brian and I on the other hand had a few sleepless nights! Little miss sunshine likes to snore as well as toss and turn in her sleep which woke us up a few times. She also likes to wake up at around 6-7 am. When she’s in her own room she’ll play, read her books, or just play her music box but when she was in our room – she would like to say, “Wake up mommy! It’s time to get up!!”

I will not be missing that 😉


After the wait was over it was time to pull out all of her furniture and put the padding and carpet back in.


Thank goodness for family members because there is now way we could have done this on our own!!


Now my little girl has her room back – and mommy and daddy can sleep in peace 🙂


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Crafts: Epic Fail..

9 Jun

Yeap. I did an epic fail today. I killed my sewing machine.. Let me rephrase that. I temporarily tortured my sewing machine to the point of no return until we make it JoAnn‘s and someone more professional finds a way to save me 😀 and tell me what the heck I did wrong!?

Somehow .. my bobbin is tilted and half of the string is pulled up tightly in between the needle hole and fabric. Yeap.. I can’t get it out. Ripping would cause more damage and hacking at it with scissors has gotten me no where. Poor sewing machine. Guess you know what I’ll be doing tomorrow!

Wanna take a look at the damage?

If you can’t tell .. the bobbin is permanently in that slanted position. No way that sucker is moving.

On a slightly better note I did finish the last bib today! And hopefully tomorrow I can steal my mom’s sewing machine long enough to finish this project.

I love doing these bibs. They are easy, fun, and each time I do one I can’t wait to do the next 😀

These may pop up on my etsy so if your interested send me a shout!

Then here comes the AWESOME news!! I am officially off work until the 20th!! That’s right! So you can bet your bottom dollar that this girl is going to be in crafting heaven, and maybe even sewing heaven if I can get this thing fixed 😛 Until then I’ll stick to things I can’t break!!

Love Always,


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