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Daily Life: Let’s Get Real!

28 Sep

So after a seriously huge response on my way too serious life post – I’ve decided to keep up with it. So Daily Life is going to take a new spin on things – instead of it just being about my day I’m going to start posting things that are on my heart at the time! It’s true that sometimes I just like to read what others are thinking and how they are dealing with life so why not tell everyone else what I’m doing and thinking?

Every day is an adventure in this house – with E hitting the terrible twos – B working extra long hours and weekends – and me attempting to start a business – there’s always bound to be something going wrong! Yesterday I busted my butt making a home-cooked meal for my family and I was so proud of me because it actually tasted good!! E decided that the cheesy potatoes would make a wonderful face mask and leave in hair conditioner 😛 There’s not much you can do about it but laugh because it’s too exhausting to get upset! So after cooking and cleaning I threw E in the bath tub and thought about how upset I get with her sometimes.

If yesterday would have been anything like today I would have contemplated crying. Today I had a zillion errands to run and way too much on my mind to deal with any mishaps – and even though she wasn’t the best little girl that she normally is and things didn’t quite go as planned – she didn’t put potatoes all over her face and hair – thank goodness!! Which brings me to my next subject.

I want to be the mom that laughs at her potato face everyday. I want her to see that it’s okay to make a mess sometimes and that I love her just the same! Does it mean that I am a bad mother when I’ve got too much to do to deal with and the craziness she brings a long? I sure hope not.. but I guess I can always strive to be better. How do you face overwhelming days? I know I do things a lot differently now that I have E.

When I was upset about something before E – I would hide in my room, turn on music, sometimes cry, and refuse to do anything else for the rest of the day. It’s not that easy when you have someone who needs you almost 24-7! Today I’m sitting on the couch, listening to pandora, not crying – but heck am I exhausted .. and not even the tired exhausted, just wide awake exhausted!

It’s days like these I try to step back and say life happens and get over it but deep down I still beat myself up about it wondering if I could have done anything differently that might have helped. This is something I really want to fix. Why am I wasting my time worrying about something I can’t fix? So today I’m calling out to all those who are beating themselves up over things they can’t fix! I am the queen of it and quite honestly it’s wearing me thin.

I know there’s no sense in wishing I could go back and change things but let’s get real here, it happened, it’s over, and even if you could rewind – could you fix it? Chances are slim! So why do we take it out on ourselves and stress about it all day? Boy do I wish I had an answer for that!


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E’s face after I cleaned off most of the potato disaster 😛 She wouldn’t stop giggling – she was a riot.

Daily Life: My schedule failed..

1 Aug

I’m starting to realize what my issue is with my schedule and how I get so sidetracked.. and I am almost afraid to say it but I’ve got to let it out!

I can’t say no. It’s always been a “problem” of mine that I usually like to say it’s a blessing in disguise. There are so many things that have happened in my life that have gotten me where I am today because I didn’t say no when everyone else probably would have. But then there are times in my life where I feel like smacking my forehead and saying you flipping idiot!! Just say NO!

I spend so much time get myself organized and making a schedule. Getting everything prepared and chores completed so that I don’t have to think about anything else but what I want to get done that day. Then someone else offers to do something and everything I’ve worked so hard on just gets thrown out the window all because I can’t say no.

Normally it’s not a problem for me. I love last-minute planning and living life day by day and having a blast, but in this case – let’s just be honest here – I need time for myself.

So here’s what I’ve come up with. Because there are so many things going on this month that are just completely out of my control – I’m creating September STAY AWAY! That’s right – you heard it.. I refuse to do anything with anyone else – for anything else – unless it involves what I need to get done on my list. Why? Because I have exactly three months today (which includes a completely BOOKED august) to get all my crafts and things done for my first craft show.

I’m being Selfish in September. Sorry everyone!! But for once – this month – I’m saying no! 😉

On another note! I’ll be getting a crap ton of crafts done so stay tuned for massive amounts of updates in September 😀

Love Always,


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