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Post-A-Day 2011: Teleport Me Please!!!

3 Feb

When teleportation is finally possible, where would I beam myself first? Um I think this question is clearly simple! THE BEACH! I don’t care which one, if given the opportunity I would teleport to every single one until I found one I would call home 🙂 I would constantly carry around a bathing suit and towel just so I could go whenever I pleased 😀

Can you just imagine everyone being able to teleport all time? Goodbye car! Goodbye plane! HELLO VACATION! Wait is teleporting free? Haha.

I heart Bamboo

22 Dec

Progress! Although I have still not wrapped a single thing yet 😛 I have dont some serious crocheting! I needed a little break from E’s jacket so I started working on a blanket I promised for one of my best friends T. I loooove the colors she picked out!!

This is going to be the softest blanket I have EVER felt! I love this yarn. It’s by Caron but it’s called Naturally Spa (A silky soft bamboo blend). B and I went to Key West for our honeymoon. This was the view outside of our balcony:

GORGEOUS! But there was this store there that sold everything made out of bamboo. Shirts, sheets, towels, rugs, you name it – made out of bamboo!! It was so soft, so silky, so cool but comfortable, so light but you’d never want to take it off! Now that I have found this yarn that is just that amazing, I highly doubt I will ever go back to any other kind of yarn!!! EVER!!

Then I did a little more work on E’s jacket. Making a hood isn’t as easy as I thought and it might not look like anything to you but a couple more rows and when I connect it at the top it’ll actually look like a hood instead of flaps 😛

Obviously all these little annoying loose ends are going to disappear but hopefully you can see the picture 😉

Tomorrow I might not be posting much just because I HAVE to get my wrapping done and I am going to make another round of candy & cookies! YUMM.

Love Always,


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