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Crafts and Sand!

4 Jul

While we are enjoying our stay at the beach, I hadn’t on being crafty..

Then we found out this store is within walking distance to our house. Actually it’s right next door lol!  

You can’t be next to a yarn store and not buy anything!!!
  So I came home with these goodies for me and two craft kits for Emma which I’m sure will come with pictures later ūüėČ 


The first day here!

20 May

Went so well! Emma, who used to scream when sand touched her toes has successfully covered herself in it in one day!


Her first job was to cover Papas feet which she thought was amusing.


Then it was time to build sand castles!! Papa being the engineer that he is decided to help her plan and build accordingly!


Then after an entire day of sunshine and sand, someone passed out while watching the waves come in.

She also didn’t leave me much room to share the bed with her..

I’m excited for a week of this!

And the trip begins!

18 May


We are so excited for a week at the beach and cousin Abi’s wedding! Let the trip begin!!

Just a fair warning

9 Dec

This weekend I will be out-of-town¬†.. with limited internet and picture-taking¬†possibilities!! So my blog may take second place just for the weekend! Okay okay, maybe for the next month too. I am really trying to make this stay at home mom thing work in my favor so B and I are giving me 57 days + 4 hours a day = 228 hours to make it work! This is going to be my time to shine or my time to realize I need a part-time¬†job and I have decided that even if I do end up getting a part-time¬†job, I am going to be spending the rest of the year making magic happen so this time next year my etsy¬†shop will be loaded with fun things!! I’m not sure how other people have managed to make a million things for their etsy shop and keep them on hand for purchasing but I think I am going to have to bust out some serious crocheting time to make it work. This is going to be do¬†or die! The other thing I am curious about is I realize that selling stuff on etsy¬†isn’t a bi-weekly income. It’s a kind of you get paid when you get paid deal but if you make enough stuff does it end up working out that someone will at least buy¬†SOMETHING you make so you can almost count on it? I am guessing no but hoping someone will say yes.

Enough talking! I have got to get to work!

Love Always,


So here is the plan man!

8 Dec

This weekend B and I are going to a wedding without E! We rarely go anywhere without her so this is going to nice quality time together that we desperately¬†need. I am so excited for multiple¬†reasons! My parents have been going in and out-of-town¬†so much that they haven’t gotten to spend much time with E and this will give them the quality time they need with her. B and I met and fell in love 15 minutes from the wedding site ūüôā So it will be a little homecoming for us! We get to eat at all the fun restaurants we went on dates to and catch up with some awesome friends. And last but not least, it’s a 3-4 hour drive so I will have plenty of time to get some crocheting done!! Hopefully by the time I get back I will be almost with E’s jacket! HOORAYY!

I am crossing my fingers that this jacket turns out to be super cool because if so crocheting just might be the craft I do the most! So far I have had the most fun doing her jacket (even with all the pulling out and redoing!!) and once I learn to monogram things I think this might just be where my heart is. Of course, don’t you worry, I will still be playing around and showing you little fun crafts in between!

It’s been fun learning so much about myself through these crafts and this blog and hopefully this is just the beginning.

So here is a big thanks to my family, friends, readers, and comment leavers ūüėČ

Love Always,


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