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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

25 Jan

When you follow your heart and do things that really want to do – there’s some seriously awesome rewards to it! I finally put the money into taking classes again and I can’t even explain how happy it’s made me!


I searched and searched and finally found this amazing place! It’s not at a college or University but it’s just what I needed to get my foot back in the door. I’m taking the adult class which gives you the opportunity to bring in whatever you are working on and the teacher will help you bring your work to the next level!

photo (33)

I brought this picture in my art class and showed my teacher how I was taught to draw things. He gave me some great pointers and got to know me and what I like to do!

photo (30)

The next day at art class he asked me to try another one of my pictures without using the grid system. This is a great way to test your brain and use things around you to measure instead of the grid. He said that I might have been using the grid as a crutch but my work is even better without it! Just the confidence boost I needed 😉 I will admit my brain did a lot more work and it was much harder than I thought it would be!
photo (31)

One thing we talked about was paper quality, since i just use cheap drawing paper and sketch paper he thought it might be worth giving other types of paper a try. Since different paper has different white quality and texture it can really change the appearance of my drawing. Once I get a chance to play with them I’ll be able to decide which paper I want for certain projects.

photo (32)

He also suggested colored pencils. I have a pet peeve with watercolor and oil painting. It’s never been a quality that I have and since that’s how you add color to a picture I’ve avoided color. He’s now teaching me to use my colored pencils to bring my drawings a different perspective.

This class has been such an inspiration and made me get out of my comfort zone a little and try new things. It’s exactly what I needed!

Have you done anything new and exciting these days?

Love Always,


New Listings!

12 Sep

Here are the new listings in my shop this week 🙂

Orange Adult Infinity Scarf

Blue Animal Burp Cloth

Pink Polka Dotted Frames

Click on the picture of the item you’d like to see more information on 😉

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I did it again – Framing It Up!

16 Aug

Another one of Saturday’s projects: Frames!

I started out by picking out what paint and paper I wanted for each one:

I always pick out the paint and paper first so that I know if I have the right color to match. I have about six other sheets I wanted to try but I’ll be running to the store today to pick out the perfect paint colors!

Then it was prime time! To make the paint colors really pop the exact color they are shown always use a primer white paint or the tan of the wood will change the shade of the paint.

I decided to focus on these while the others dried. I picked two neutral and a bright blue!

This gray needs another top coat layer – some paint colors need more coats in than others.

I picked some gray paper that had pops of color. I think I want to use this same paper again and do one of the pop colors as the frame!

This white one is my favorite one so far! I loooove how vibrant the green is and how the white frame pops out the white pattern.

A close up of the awesome pattern!

And last but not least the blue set! I can just picture this in a little boys room 🙂

This paper also has a couple options for color choices!

Which one was your favorite?

Next week I’ll have some more frames with some new colors to share! These frames will also be on etsy by tomorrow so if you are interested in one of them let me know – I can reserve it for you!

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A Get it Done Moment

1 Aug

When you come across a couple uninterrupted hours and a nice day outside you have to take it for all it’s worth! I packed up my painting supplies and went to work:

Who’s ready to get messy!? I am!! With three separate frames and two solid frames I was ready to go to town!

It took about two solid coats of white for me to be happy with them primed and bring on some color!

I went with three totally different colors in hopes of getting some variety. Bright red, light purple, and a POP of blue 🙂

Then I added some decorative paper to give it a little fun. They are all ready to be hung for some fun wall art or I can add letters/initials to each one to give them some personal love ❤

A fun purple with multiple colored polka dots is a fun way to spice up any little girls room or even a hallway that needs a little life!

These are definitely a statement piece! A great way to brighten up any room that’s ready for some fun – maybe a family room or playroom? I could even see these in a kitchen 🙂

This one is my absolute favorite. This bright pop of blue brings out the leaf design in the paper and what can I say – I am crazy about a bright blue! I could see this in my bedroom, bathroom, or even my hallway! I might even add hooks on the bottom to hang keys on.

Keep an eye out – these will be in my Etsy shop soon!

Which one is your favorite and why?

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Frame It!

20 Jul

When you don’t know what else to do – FRAME IT! I love these little frames and I’ll continue to make wonders with these things. What better way to show off things you love than framing them for all to see? My little girl is getting her name framed for her birthday party 🙂

Here’s the start:

I’ll be adding ribbon to hang them from – now I just need to decide where to hang them 😀 That’s the best part!!


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Tuesday Tutorial: Fabric Strip Canvas Art

10 Jan

Welcome to Tuesday Tutorials – where I find awesome easy tutorials for you – now go get crafty 😉

This crafty tutorial comes from: HowJoyful

Fabric Strip Canvas Art
I had some left over fabric from a sewing project that I needed to get rid of, and came up with this:

Supplies:  Fabric- 1/4 yard cuts in different colors, Mod Podge, canvas, frame.
How To:  Cut fabric into 1/2″ x 5″ strips using a rotary cutter.  Arrange on canvas prior to gluing to get the color pattern you want.  Adhere to canvas using mod podge.  Add a coat of mod podge to the top of the fabric.  Let dry, frame and hang :)
Total Cost:  ~$10-$15

If you haven’t already stopped by HowJoyful – click on the link to check it out!

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Feature Friday: LEDPhotography

2 Sep

Feature Friday Presents:


Sunshine - 5x7 Color Art Print        Blue Skies - 8x10 Color Art Print

Sunshine – 5×7 Color Art P…        Blue Skies – 8×10 Color Ar…

LEDPhotograp…                             LEDPhotograp…

$15.00 USD                                     $18.00 USD

Old Fashioned Way - Black and white art print - 5x7        Blossoms - 5x7 Color Art Print

Old Fashioned Way – Black …       Blossoms – 5×7 Color Art P…

LEDPhotograp…                              LEDPhotograp…

$15.00 USD                                     $15.00 USD

 Hollyhock - 5x7 Color Art Print        Lavender - 8x10 Color Art Print

Hollyhock – 5×7 Color Art …           Lavender – 8×10 Color Art …

LEDPhotograp…                               LEDPhotograp…

 $15.00 USD                                     $18.00 USD
Splash - 5x7  Black and White Art Print         Pretty in Pink - 8x10 Color Art Print

LEDPhotograp…                               LEDPhotograp…

 $15.00 USD                                     $18.00 USD

“Having a passion for the visual arts and storytelling from a young age, I developed into a film student. In February of 2008, I graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Film from Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL. My passion for photography has grown over the last few years as it’s become more than a hobby to me. I strive to constantly grow as a photographer.” – LEDPhotography


What got you interested in photography?

Photography for me is an expression of how I see the world. It gives everyone an eye into bits of my perception. That is why I got into photography. 

What has been your favorite picture to take and why?

I can’t really narrow it down to a favorite picture. I really enjoy taking photos of flowers and nature because it’s like making something new out of something age-old.

What’s the secret behind your etsy name?

The secret behind my Etsy name is an easy one. It’s my name, Larissa Elizabeth Distler!

If you could open up a shop in your town what would you call it and what would it be like?

Honestly the physical store I would open up would be called Ellipsis Books and More. It would sell vintage books and have a tea house. I want to grow my own teas and have baked goods and homemade jams. The business plan would be to become a totally sustainable business within five years. And of course part of that would be promoting local artists and musicians.

What is the most challenging thing you have photographed?

The most challenging thing to photograph is children. They are always moving!

What are some of your goals you hope to achieve within the next year?

Within the next year I hope to be able to offer portrait photography and to have an online Ellipsis totally off the ground. 

What inspires you to take pictures?

Life inspires me to take pictures. There is always something worth recording. 

What is your best quality when it comes to your photography?

I think my best quality when it comes to photography is my willingness to use natural lighting. 

If you could have one thing to help your etsy store what would it be?

More business would definitely help my Etsy store! And a new lens for my camera!

If you haven’t stopped by here shop yet – check out here link here!

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Crafts: Project 1 of 5

16 Jun

So here it is! The first project of my A Project A Day For Five Days attempt! This project is what every little girl needs. A flowery picture frame 🙂 The picture isn’t the best because I was running out of natural light but I still love it!!!!

I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time but somehow I just put it aside and forgot all about it! Thank goodness for craft challenges or it might have been much longer before I started digging through my drawers finding something to do. I might even make a frame with each individual flower just for fun but it was super easy and a lot of fun to do!

Stay tuned for some more projects for the next four days!

Love Always,


Crafts: Owl On Etsy!

4 Apr

I posted the owl frame that I’ve made on Etsy for purchase! Check it out!


Hand Painted Owl Picture Frame!

It’s a 3.5×3.5 picture square wood frame hand painted with acrylic and sprayed with a clear coat to last!

It can come with a hook at the bottom for hanging anything like keys, coats, and etc! (Free addition)

Also willing to make custom letters for personalization!

This will be shipped to you within a week of receiving payment.

Crafts: Orange Picture Frame Hook

12 Feb

I bought this awesome orange color to do something with a boyish type of picture frame hook, but I was really planning on it being an accent not the background color. Well I couldn’t decide what to do next so orange it was! Let me know if you like it or not, not sure if I am going to put it on etsy since it’s such an odd color.

I think I am going to take a break on the painting frames, unless everyone starts screaming and says that they are amazing and not to stop 😉 I’m thinking about doing some made from scrapbook paper and decorations. Maybe some simple styles and a little bit more fun patterns!

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a few of those up to show you.

Love Always,


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