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Hand Lettering Attempt!

7 Jul

To go along with this months #30makeitwork challenge I have committed myself to being happy with what I have – but that doesn’t mean I can’t try something new does it!? I saw this amazing video on youtube by MadeByMarzipan on how she does her process of Hand Lettering and decided to give it a try!


She starts out explaining to write out the saying you’d like to do and do a little sketch of how you’d like it look. That way you can get a feel for what you’d like to do with it and change it up now before the final process. I used Pinterest for some examples of letters to so I could get a feel for what I wanted it to look like. Don’t forget to use guidelines throughout this process to keep the size of the lettering how you want it!


She then tells you to decide what kind of shape you want it to be in and do a test run again. You can never have to many trial and errors before you start! This part I erased and redid a bunch of times until I was happy with it.


She suggests then transferring to the nice final paper you want to do it on – but since I was just playing around this whole process I kept it on the same sheet. I took out my pen and traced my handwriting, editing as I went along again. Then decorating a little here and there. I wanted to keep my first trial as simple as possible!


Then I erased the guidelines I used in pencil and TADA it turned out pretty well! I’m pretty impressed with my first try! I have a few other ideas I’d like to try out soon too but I think this saying is quite fitting for the my monthly challenge 😉



Emma loved the project as well – she did not leave my side the entire time I worked on it and really enjoyed the thought of mommy drawing so pretty!  (her words not mine!) She even gave it a try herself 🙂

photo (3)

Loved this free activity and hopefully I’ll have a larger final piece for some free decor in my home to show off later!


Emma’s Big Girl Room Plan Reveal

6 Jan

Since we moved Emma into a new room we have been planning what her new big girl room is going to be like. Here are some of the ideas we’ve pulled together that we’ve decided to do for Emma!

Another amazing bedroom idea. Love the light pink striped walls, the chandelier and the area rug together!

We are going to do very light pink walls and on one wall do pink stripes. 

Fiber optic lights on ceiling for nursery

Since there’s now fixture in the ceiling for a fan or light or chandelier (like I had thought would be adorable) we found this idea of fiber optic lights like stars instead!!

DIY crate bookshelf made from wooden crates from the craft store (Michaels under $13)

If you haven’t gotten to know my family at all yet than you have no idea – we are a family filled with readers. Each house has a library (except me – working on that) and I would be shunned if we didn’t give Emma a mini library of her own (seeing as she already has enough books for a few!). We bought the crates which I’ll be painting white and prepping for a bookcase library for Emma. 

boxes for hanging decor vs. shelves

Shadow boxes but instead of random things in it, we are going to put Emma’s play toys in it (like her figurines!). We got the idea from younghouselove from what they made for Clara but we already have a few of these shadow boxes around the house that are not even being used!

Everyday Art: DIY bed canopy for little girls room

A reading hideout! Either in her huge closet or in the corner of her room – I’d love to give her a place to hide and read. I have a feeling she’d love this. 

Little girls room

I also want to make her a few things to decorate her walls with. This is adorable and would be a fun way to add some 3D art to her walls. 

For our toddlers room: Poster made by my Hubby. #posters #toddlerroom

I also love this option! E is for Emma!! 

Thank you pinterest for making it easy to plan my little ones room!

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