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Snow Day!!

29 Jan


The first time we’ve gotten to play with snow this year! Emma was so excited so could barely contain herself. Every time she’d look outside and see the snow falling she’d BEG me to let her go out and build a snowman!! Since we didn’t have snow clothes for the little girl I care for we had to wait until after she went home.


After running around the deck in pure joy of the snow for a good 15 minutes I got the shovel and a bowl out so she could attempt to build a snowman. The snow was to dry to pack so it didn’t quite work out as planned but she had a blast trying anyways!


There was our little snowman attempt!! Every time we put a new layer of snow on it just toppled all over the sides so you can’t even really tell it was supposed to be a snow man but she proudly shows it off to everyone who will come look out the window and see it!


I love that little girl!!

Hope for those of you who got hit by the snow storm enjoyed it as much as someone else I know 😉

Love Always,


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

16 Dec

It starting snowing today! So of course, it’s a photo opp!! I have always loved taking pictures. I guess my love started around highschool with all my friends. I also had this crazy desire to be a model even though I am 4’11 .. silly me! So photo’s were one of my favorite things to do that I can’t seem to get rid of. Once E was born I was determind to get some good quality photo’s instead of my usual half hearted ones and luckily my Uncle & Aunt went in together and bought B and I this amazing camera for our wedding! I can’t seem to put this thing down!

I love this cute little face in the snow! We had a blast!

I was hoping that today I would be finished crocheting the hood of the jacket I am making but the shoulders have been very time consuming! If tonight goes well I might be able to push through and get halfway there!! But now it’s back to work for me 🙂

I’ll update with pictures of the jacket soon.

Love Always,


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