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Addiction: Blogging vs. Living

15 Jun

What happens to an addicted blogger decides to live without technology for a period of time? (Note I still had my phone – I just limited my time on it)


  • The first few hours you are having mini anxiety attacks wondering if you are going to make it and you might even log back in just to see if everything’s okay.
  • The first day you spend twitching wondering if you have any views or your followers are mad because you haven’t posted but then say “oh yeah it’s only be 24 hours they probably don’t care”.
  • The second day you are seriously questioning your decision to stay off it and think all of your followers are going to hate you, leave, never come back, unsubscribe, and shake their head thinking “another one bites the dust”.
  • The third day you wake up wanting to just check it once – that’s it, then you’ll be okay for the rest of the day you promise.
  • The fourth day you get an email from a blog on your phone that you are subscribed to and shake your head wishing you were as awesome and dedicated as they were.
  • The fifth day you swear you won’t look at your blog or even open your iphone app!! (which at that point wasn’t a problem for me because it kept crashing grrrr)
  • The next few days you find things to keep you busy like reading an actual book instead of your PC downloaded Nook or other blogs or spending some quality time outside!
  • The last few days you are sitting around thinking, wow I should totally write a blog post about this and take a picture so they can all see!!!
  • The very last day you are overflowing with things you want to blog about, don’t know what to start with, and if you weren’t going to be made fun of you’d jump up and down with glee that you’ve made it this long and will be back to blogging in no time!!!!!
  • The last few hours, you are sitting next to the computer, staring at it beating yourself up about the fact that all you want to do is LOG ON RIGHT NOW!
  • The last ten minutes, you have up until now kept yourself busy with mindless miscellaneous tasks around the house and you are seriously at your breaking point with excitement and anticipation.
  • The moment you log on – it’s like a breath of fresh air. YOU ARE BACK BABY!!
  • After you write and submit your post you click on your view stats every minute to see if your followers are going to come back or hate you forever!
Thanks for coming back 😉

Love Always,


Daily Life: WordPress Pen Pals

21 Mar

I have met some amazing people through wordpress and I know I have said it before but to me it feels like I’ve known these people for so long. I am subscribed to these blogs, comment occasionaly, and love to hear the good and bad of life. Most of these people that I follow I feel like I am similar to in certain ways and when I read it, it’s almost like an email conversation just catching me up on life or something fun they heard.

I am sad to say one of my first favorite blogs I ever subscribed to when I started wordpress is saying goodbye. Obviously she has a million good reasons why, and although she loves writing, she just doesn’t have the time. I went through the same thing. I started a blog when E was born and gave up weeks later feeling like I didn’t have anything fun to say, no energy, and should have been spending my time doing something else.

This round I feel completely different. I have no guilty feeling that I should be doing something else (99.9%) of the time. I love showing and telling people what I am doing. I love hearing what people have to say about it, and I have plenty of time to spare in order to keep up with it.

So I guess what I am trying to say is the timing has to be right, but if it wasn’t for this blogger, I might have given up a lot earlier. She made me feel like blogging about being a mom wasn’t boring, that we had plenty of fun and funny things to say! She made me feel like my writing was entertaining by leaving me comments and boosting my self-esteem. It’s like saying goodbye to a friend not knowing whether or not your going to see them again. It’s a sad goodbye but I hope she has the time of her life with whatever else she is doing 😀

Love Always,


Good Morning WordPress

14 Jan

I woke up at 6:06 this morning. Why? Who knows.. but I am definitely taking advantage of this extra time!! Apparently my brain hasn’t been able to “turn off” all night long. First it started out with things I could do today so that when B came home he would have a huge smile on his face :D, then it went to clever puns joining sports and video games with B, then crafts (of course), and finally ended with a dream. Moving to an affordable tropical island, B working from home as writer, and me working from home as a crafter. Ahh what a dream!! Then of course me being the researcher “can we actually do it” kind of person. I looked online. Cheap island, cheap flights, now all we need is two stay at home jobs that make an income of $1,000-$2,000 a month! Hmmmm…

So I realize that I have always wanted an at home crafting job and it has yet to happen. I also note that I have been slowly working on that since August (and so far have only gotten to sewing sweatpants and a t-shirt, crocheting a jacket (almost done) and a blanket, and fiddling with holiday crafts) and haven’t sold one item yet. But dreams come true for people!! So I am seriously sticking to my gut with this one!

Honestly, I don’t care if it takes B and I a couple of years to figure out where we both “fit in” as long as we both are doing what we have always wanted to do. If that means that we both get to stay at home, it would make me the happiest wife and mother in the whole wide world, and give us the freedom to choose where we want to live instead of being stuck in the most expensive part of Virginia KNOWN TO MAN! Geez what a life that would be, your job not dictating where you live and how much you spend.

As much as I do daydream about these things, one day, ONE DAY, I am going to make it happen!! One of my amazing friends from back home put on her facebook status this morning, “when someone doubts a person…prove em ALL wrong!!!!” and that is just what I am going to do!

Love Always,


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