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This Is How We Spend Our Days

16 Mar

I used to be a work-aholic! I still kind of am.. but I have to say I have been much better about actually taking time off to be with these girls. After all, that is why I wanted to be a virtual assistant to begin with!


We like to be lazy in this house on our days off. Wake up when we went, eat when we want, and stay home all day. Heck, sometimes we don’t even get out of our jammies!


Now that I’ve gotten used to this time with them, I refuse to let it go. We play more games, craft, make messes, clean them up, but most importantly, we just spend time together.


As you can see, since Payton is at home with me all day, she likes to plan to go out all the time. Emma on the other hand, doesn’t mind doing absolutely nothing for a while ๐Ÿ˜‰


I think the girls are enjoying it just as much as we are.


Lexi is too ๐Ÿ˜‰


It’s Time to Change Your Life

11 Aug

If you resonated with the title of this blog post you’ve probably been struggling with who you are. You’ve been fighting with yourself and maybe others to find that balance with who they want you to be and who you want to be. This is something that weighs on my heart specifically because I go through this all the time!

Make The Change

It’s time to make a change, and trust me, it is well worth your TIME investing in this because it’s most likely way overdue. Living your life for what other people, or in this case we’ll say the world, wants you to be can kill you. You might not literally die but everything inside of you will. Each of us has something unique, something amazing, something that is only us inside and each time we do something just to please the world we take that piece of us and step on it like it’s a bug not worth being alive.


You might not realize you are killing your soul, but I bet you can feel that weight that it puts on your heart and your shoulders. It’s that feeling of doubt when you do what you love, that it won’t be good enough, or that it’s not the “right” thing to do. It’s that feeling of emptiness when you can’t seem to find the joy you once had.

It’s time to make a change. This isn’t going to be easy. This isn’t going to be fun. The outcome will be worth more than all the struggle it takes to get there and once you do get there, getting back there is much easier.


Here are a few steps I suggest you take in changing your life. There are only four to get you started but they are enough to make an impact:

Stop comparing yourself to others.

The absolute worst thing we can do is listen to our inner self that’s saying we aren’t good enough or there’s someone who is better at this than I am. Chances are you are right, If you are just now doing what you love – you have not mastered it! It is going to take time, dedication, hard work, and a little elbow grease to become what your inner self deems good enough. So stop looking outward for success, look inward.

Start paying attention to what you do on a daily basis.

What is it that you are doing every day that is crushing your soul? What is it that you do every day that shows signs of bringing you joy? Why aren’t you doing that more? What’s stopping you from doing joyful things? How can you create a positive space for this joy to grow? Ask questions, dig deep, and really think about what brings you joy. Do you need to know the answers to these questions right away? No. But it’s time to start asking them. Get your brain wired to think about your actions before you do them!


Find positive motivators and inspirations in your life.

If you aren’t motivated to change it’s not going to happen. Even though you are miserable there is a comfort in knowing the outcome of your task even if it’s a failure. Find things that create a spark in you to change that comfort into drive for something new. Listen to that podcast that tells you it’s okay to fail – get back up and try again! Look at those pinterest boards full of positive motivational quotes, or turn on some happy music. It’s time to think positive.


Work on what you love.

Work on you. Don’t give up on this process. Don’t give into those negative comments that are happening in your head. There is so much to look forward to in this life and there isn’t enough time to let it waste. Change your life now. Reign that positive energy and motivation into what brings you joy. Spending time focusing on your craft that brings you joy, will change your life in a larger way than you could ever imagine.


There is so much more to changing your life but I hope this little glimpse of how it can be done inspires you to move forward and change your outcome because I don’t wish those guilty, heavy, and painful feelings on even my worst of enemies. Who’s with me on making a change? Let’s all be better versions of ourselves.

Thank you google images for the wonderful pictures above.

#girlboss Book Review

23 Jan

I put this book on my wishlist for Christmas and was ECSTATIC when I got it! For a while I have been searching for a book that is uplifting, motivating, funny, interesting, and geared towards running your own business. I wasn’t looking for self help, tips & tricks, or guidelines. I wanted something easy and fun to read. I had heard about this book through the grapevine, read the summary, and immediately got excited. It was the one I had been searching for.


For those of you who have sensitive ears, be forewarned it does have some language in it. But if you put all that aside you’ll see this book is about taking a leap of faith, changing your point of view on what work should be, and encouraging you to do what you love.

It’s about picking yourself up off the floor, realizing you can do it on your own, and when it’s time – ask for help. This book is what got me back on my feet. I am a SUPER slow reader. I tend to read one or two books a year because, let’s face it, it’s hard to find time to read! I used to love reading back when I didn’t have lists upon lists of things to do! I read this book in two days. TWO DAYS! That’s ridiculous for me considering it takes months and maybe even a year for me to get through a book!


Who should read this?

1. Someone who is looking for a change in their life.

2. Someone who doesn’t want a traditional job.

3. Someone who could use some motivation.

4. Someone who takes interest in the way other’s live their lives.

5. Anyone who enjoys an easy fun read.

I hope you’ll give this book a chance and tell me what you think of it below!

Ahh A Newborn’s Schedule

17 Jan

There are often times I look over at Payton and just wonder what it’s like to be on her schedule. She gets to sit back and sleep the day away in a foggy haze and gets to eat whenever she pleases! This cute little face keeps me entertained and distracted throughout the day ๐Ÿ˜‰


So you might be wondering what my schedule is like these days? Oh you know, just crazy! But I love it ๐Ÿ™‚ With Emma in school, Payton making up her schedule as she goes, and my hands in a million different jobs, I guess you could say it gets a little nuts around here sometimes! Here’s a little sneak peak at a normal day for me:

6:30 wake up and feed Payton
7:30 get Emma up and ready for school
8:15 get Emma on the school bus or drive her to school
9:00 feed myself and get as much work as I can squeezed in there.
9:30 feed Payton again
10:00 back to work and it’s go time! I usually have a long list of things I need to get done before 12:00!
12:30 feed Payton and somehow feed myself at the same time. This is a lot harder than it sounds!!
1:30 get back to work and finish up everything I can before school bus time
3:30 pick up Emma and feed Payton as soon as we get back, then help Emma with her homework and get her set up with an activity if I’ve got more work to do. (Which I almost always do)
4:30 finishing up work as fast as my little fingers to go
5:30 make dinner
6:30 eat dinner and feed Payton – why she loves to eat when I do, I have no idea ๐Ÿ˜‰
7:30 put Emma to bed
8:30 get Payton to bed for the night (if it works)
10:30 put myself to bed!!

For those of you who have no idea what I do, this is what it looks like all day long!


I am a virtual assistant for four amazing clients! Never heard of a virtual assistant? Neither has a lot of my family, until I started it that is. I’m basically an administrative assistant who works from home doing everything that an admin in the office would do, except be in the office ๐Ÿ˜‰

I answer phones, schedule clients, answer emails, social media, blogging (for others), marketing, mailing, invoicing, newsletters, spreadsheets, you name it – I have probably dabbled in it a bit!

As you can assume, it can get a little hectic here with my task list and two kids, which has been why I haven’t been around so much.


These two have always been priority number one so sometimes things get a little left out and since blogging and etsy were personal things for me, I decided they were the first to go. Luckily things are seriously about to change! This assistant, just hired an assistant! Actually two to be exact ๐Ÿ˜‰

I now have help with my virtual assistant work and for my personal work. I am not willing to give up my dream of providing for my family from home, doing what I love. So the best way for me to fight for that was to enlist some help! You’ll be noticing a few changes around here thanks to my new assistant Amanda! (I’ll have her introduce herself later so you all can meet her as well)


Welcome to 2015! Where this girl is getting her boss on ๐Ÿ˜‰

P.S. this book is HILARIOUS and a great read if you need a quick swift in the butt to get you back on track. You should totally read it, like now!

A Papa Filled Weekend

26 Apr

Photo: Loving her much needed Papa time!

This girl was soaking up some Papa time while I was in town getting some work done. It worked out that my work lined up being this weekend because there was also a huge garage sale in their community and we scored so sweet finds!

Displaying photo.JPG

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the goodies we got. I’ll be doing a post later with some of the other finds we got! My favorite moment was when she pulled up the chair and beside her and said that was going to be her sisters seat ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so excited that she’s excited for Peanut to come!

P.S. Yes my little girl loves Cars and Transformers. She is a daddy’s girl for sure!


Emma Talks

26 Feb

Photo: Emma in a box!!

Me: Hey Emma Beans, whatcha up to?
Emma: Oh, I’m just coloring a picture with these markers.
Me: Sounds fun!
Emma: Well, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my coloring. We can talk in just a few minutes when I’m finished with my work.
Me: Yes Ma’am!

Emma: Mommy! Mickey was a little baby!! That’s so silly!
Me: Are you a little baby?
Emma: No, I’m just grown up like a kid.

Me: Emma do you want some Chinese or Pizza for dinner.
Emma: Chinese Please!
Me: Chicken and Rice?
Emma: That’s not Chinese! I want Mac N Cheese!
Me: Chinese doesn’t make Mac N Cheese.. would you like some Pizza instead?
Emma: Yes Please! Cheese Pizza!

Emma: Mommy’s belly is getting BIG!
Daddy: Yeah cuz there’s a baby growing in there!
Emma: I have a baby growing in my belly too. It’s a baby boy and mommy’s is a baby girl (we don’t know the sex yet) and your going to have a baby in your belly too!
Daddy: No I am NOT!

Really Jenn… Already?!

19 Sep

I can’t believe I’m doing this already. It’s been day two of cold weather and I’m already seeing myself fall into the habits I had last winter ๐Ÿ™‚ Was it me who just said I loved fall weather in the last post? I must be crazy because I might love the weather, the sweatshirts, the hot chocolate, and the blankets, but there is a slight malfunction with my love fall weather that I hadn’t noticed before.

via tickingandtoile

I’m glued to this couch.. problem – HUGE PROBLEM! In my joyful post about all the things I love about cold weather I seemed to have left out all the things that I don’t particularly like about cold weather. So here’s a make up post for things I don’t want to happen this year with cold weather!!!

My mood for the day directly resides in the fact that I accomplish something that I am proud of. That is not an easy task to do while glued to the couch ๐Ÿ˜› I’m starting to find myself getting what’s absolutely necessary done in the morning, getting hot chocolate, and hopping on the couch in my cozy little blanket.


via tigerprint

Good news is that 99% of my work is on the computer which happily heats up my little legs. Bad news is laundry, dishwasher, cleaning, cooking, and even simple tasks like going to the bathroom seem terribly awful! Why oh why would I want to move from this amazing place I’ve created? Oh that’s right – because I have a child to take care of ๐Ÿ˜›

ร‰vier ร  droite bien pratique (bouchon d'adoucisseur, etc.)

via kellymcguill

I’m starting to believe this weather is more of a love/hate relationship so instead of falling back into these old habits I am going to write down all the things I WILL get done each day whether I like it or not – and a few solutions to why I don’t like cold weather:

I’m going to take a steaming hot shower every morning, dry my hair, straighten my hair, and look presentable as many days of the week as I possibly can – because when it’s cold outside I refuse to get out of bed and then I look like a mess (I was going to say hot mess but there’s nothing hot about it nor is it hot outside).

subtle brunette highlights

via neilgeorgeblog

I’m not going to let my pretty little bottom sit on the couch until I have accomplished all chores for that day. That way I have accomplished something and won’t feel like such a slob around here.

I’m going to do as much computer work as I can at night (when I enjoy writing the most anyways) so I can do all the above things in the morning without feeling like I’m running behind on my work!

Will not mind to work late in this beautiful  setting

via allthingsshabbyandbeautiful

I’m going to make sure I am making something warm to eat each day. Whether it’s baking or crock potting or something else. I absolutely love that baking in the oven heats up the house and eating warm food always warms me up! I am going to heat up this place and make sure that I haven’t given up on cooking all together!

fresh baked pie

via marmunia

To wear off all this cooking I’m also going to make sure that I spend a minimum amount of time organizing or cleaning some part of this house each day. Preferably things that make me go up and down the stairs to exercise off all that home cooked food ๐Ÿ˜‰

Last but not least – I am going to actually invest some money in some amazing cold weather clothes so that when I do go out of the house to drop/pick Emma up I am warm, comfortable, and look presentable. Those things never happen in my frumpy sweatshirts.. which don’t even keep me that warm anyways!

Burgundy Winter Outfit !

via polyvore

Here’s to kicking old habits goodbye before they get into my routine and mess up my awesome plans for life!

Tuesday Tutorial: Stadium Cushion!

3 Apr

Welcome to Tuesday Tutorials โ€“ where I find awesome easyย tutorialsย for you โ€“ now go get craftyย ๐Ÿ˜‰

This crafty tutorial comes from: MaidenJane

Sewing Tutorial – Upcycle a Tee Shirt or Sweatshirt Into a Stadium Cushion

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Love Always,


Motivational Monday: Let Go

2 Apr

Tuesday Tutorial: Pencil Case!

27 Mar

Welcome to Tuesday Tutorials โ€“ where I find awesome easyย tutorialsย for you โ€“ now go get craftyย ๐Ÿ˜‰

This crafty tutorial comes from:ย ASpoonfulofSugar

How to Make a Pencil Case

With the new school year nearly upon us in Australia, I am making up a few easy zipperedpatchwork pencil cases. This is a great scrap buster project. The little zippered pouches can be used for all manner of things. Mine was sized to fit approx 6 pens; or a small pack of tissues; or a small notebook and pen; or a few cosmetics.



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