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Work In Progress Wednesday: Cork Business Card Holders

22 Feb

One thing I’ve been excited to try out is cork business card holders! They looked super easy to make and I was hoping they would be super cheap as well. I went around to the local wine shops and asked them to save me their corks as well as buying them off a friend of mine 😀

What you’ll want for this project is a serrated knife, an exacto knife, a cutting board, a cork and maybe a pen to mark where you want to cut!

You are going to want to cut one edge of the cork to make a flat side that’s going to lay down flat on the table. I used the serrated knife for this job!

Then I used my exacto knife to mark where I was going to cut on the opposite side. I cut with the serrated knife, then used the exacto knife to pull out the little pieces of cork that were still stuck.

And TADA you have a cork business card holder! I say this is a Work In Progress because I’m not 100% satisfied with how it came out. Two things I want to fix are the opening for the cards (there has to be an easier cleaner way to do this) and then the fact that the cork is so light that you can’t put more than two cards in it without it falling over. I’m going to try to add a weight to the bottom to see if that solves the problem! So more to come on this post 😛

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


A Little Paint & A Little Love

14 Jan

What can you do with old paper towel rolls, paint, and missing puzzle pieces? Probably more than you think 😉

I started out with a paper towel roll, marked it with a highlighter every once inch and cut with scissors (it probably would have been more precise and neater cuts if I had used an exacto knife – I’ll try that and let you know later if it’s better) then I painted them black, let them dry, bent them a little to make a flower-like shape and glued them together. I have MUCH more to cut out to make it look how I want – but it’s a good start!



What I’m hoping mine will turn out to look similar to:

Pinned Image

Other things you can do with paper towel holders:

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Next up! Puzzle pieces! My mom is a huge puzzler so we always have puzzle pieces around this house up for stealing 😉 I laid out all the puzzle pieces I wanted to use and painted and painted and painted white. It took five layers to get them solid white and I still would do a layer or more because I’m that picky 😛 After they dry I picked seven pieces, one for the back to keep it all aligned and glued six more pieces in a circle. Add a ribbon and it’s complete!


This is what I hope the final pieces looks like:

Pinned Image


Other things you can do with puzzle pieces:

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Pinned Image

(This is a guest “book” everyone signed the puzzle pieces and then they put it together and framed it! SOO COOL)

Pinned Image


Hope you enjoyed today’s crafts! I have a few new ones coming soon so you’ll have to stay tuned if you’d like to see what I do with these two next things!

This is a rocking chair that has been passed down from generations on my mom’s side. I’m going to clean it up, add a piece of wood for the seat, some batting, and fabric to make it cute for Emma 😀


This is an old lamp that was given to me to do whatever I please with 😀 I LOVE IT! I’m going to prime it, spray paint it, add a new lamp shade and make it modern and new!
Thanks for stopping by! Now go get crafty 😉

Love Always,




Home Sweet Home

5 Dec

I started off with a board from the craft store that cost me $1.99

Sprayed the front with adhesive and placed it on construction paper

Picked out paper for the letters

The letters I picked out from the craft store $.99 for two letters in each packet = total of about $8.00

Decided to spruce up my plain paper a little

Layer number one

Layer number two .. i know it looks childish now but wait until you see the outcome!

Use the X-acto knife to cut the excess paper

Use adhesive on the letters

Place letters on paper and let them dry

Cut excess paper off letters

And the finished product .. although knowing me I’ll be changing it up somehow 😀

Onto other news! I have been working on E’s crocheted jacket and here’s what I’ve got so far:

I feel like it’s really coming along now!! So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I am on to the next book! The last one of my list of books until the 2011 book challenge!

I have a feeling this one is going to be a good read.

Well that’s all for today!

Love Always,


Picture This :)

27 Nov

Why waste 20-30 bucks on a frame when you can make one that’s exactly your style for less than $5.00? This is an awesome easy project and perfect for gifts!

Materials: Unfinished frame, Box (or Box Top), Adhesive Spray, Wrapping paper of your choice, Ribbon of your choice, Bead (Optional), Pin, Tacky Glue, Double-Sided Tape, X-acto Knife, and Mat Board.

This was so simple and I finished it in no time! I cut a piece of wrapping paper to fit the frame, sprayed adhesive onto the frame and laid the frame on the wrapping paper (face down). Set a book on it and waited for five minutes (perfect time to make a bow if you want one). When it was dry I used the X-acto knife to cut around the edges and the middle section of the frame and it was complete!

The bows took a little more time. Cut pieces of ribbon to your size liking and put them together in a bow shape. The pink one I used double-sided sticky tape and it turned out cute but I wasn’t too thrilled that I could see little pieces of tape so I tried the tacky glue and put a pin through the middle and a bead to make it pretty. I like the way the white bow turned out but I still love the color of the pink one 🙂

This was a fun and really simple project. Hope you all enjoy 🙂

Love Always,


Wrapping it Up ;)

25 Nov

Aren’t those block letters you find at craft stores just addicting!? I also want to go in and buy initials or someones name (especially mine) to decorate just for fun! Well my Mom and Dad bought me E’s letters and I found this piece of wood lying around the house that wasn’t being used for anything and I got a brilliant idea! Wrapping paper so easy to use for decorating things like picture frames, wood letters, really anything!

What you need:

I originally used Elmer’s glue (wet) for this and it made the wrapping paper bubble up so I ripped it off and used the adhesive spray instead. It works SO MUCH BETTER!

A box to put whatever you spraying adhesive on into so you don’t get glue everywhere!

Wrapping paper of your choice


X-acto knife comes in handy here! (and a rubber mat if you are using a knife)

How to:

Cut the wrapping paper so that there are leftover edges along the letter.

Spray adhesive to the wooden letter.

Lay the wooden letter adhesive side down on top of the wrapping paper and place a heavy object on it to keep it firm and to push it down.

Let it dry for 3-5 minutes.

Take the heavy object off and use the scissors to cut along the letter but not too close that it’s hard to x-acto later.

Take the x-acto knife and with the wooden letter facing upside down so that the paper is on top of the mat, use the knife to drag across the edges of the wooden letter. Flip over and if there are any places that were too tight to get into or didn’t cut all the way carefully use the knife to edge across it and take off the extra paper. Tada!!! All done!

Of course I did the other letters of the name but you all know her as E so this is the finished product for you 😉

Have fun!!

Love Always,


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