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Feeling Like A Proud Mama!

4 Jan

Emma has been begging me to do more crafts with her and while we have been scoping out YouTube for some great tutorials and finding some great ideas that are totally age appropriate, I have been eyeing other options.

Yes I did! I signed up Emma to Kiwi Crate to receive a monthly box with a craft inside! We will be posting our boxes, our crafts, and our ratings on all the fun! I AM SO EXCITED!

Have you done a Kiwi Crate before? I’d love to hear about. Leave a comment below!


Hand Lettering Attempt!

7 Jul

To go along with this months #30makeitwork challenge I have committed myself to being happy with what I have – but that doesn’t mean I can’t try something new does it!? I saw this amazing video on youtube by MadeByMarzipan on how she does her process of Hand Lettering and decided to give it a try!


She starts out explaining to write out the saying you’d like to do and do a little sketch of how you’d like it look. That way you can get a feel for what you’d like to do with it and change it up now before the final process. I used Pinterest for some examples of letters to so I could get a feel for what I wanted it to look like. Don’t forget to use guidelines throughout this process to keep the size of the lettering how you want it!


She then tells you to decide what kind of shape you want it to be in and do a test run again. You can never have to many trial and errors before you start! This part I erased and redid a bunch of times until I was happy with it.


She suggests then transferring to the nice final paper you want to do it on – but since I was just playing around this whole process I kept it on the same sheet. I took out my pen and traced my handwriting, editing as I went along again. Then decorating a little here and there. I wanted to keep my first trial as simple as possible!


Then I erased the guidelines I used in pencil and TADA it turned out pretty well! I’m pretty impressed with my first try! I have a few other ideas I’d like to try out soon too but I think this saying is quite fitting for the my monthly challenge 😉



Emma loved the project as well – she did not leave my side the entire time I worked on it and really enjoyed the thought of mommy drawing so pretty!  (her words not mine!) She even gave it a try herself 🙂

photo (3)

Loved this free activity and hopefully I’ll have a larger final piece for some free decor in my home to show off later!

Annie’s Crochet Classes – Tunisian Crochet

20 Aug

Hey everyone!! I have some exciting news for those of you who love to crochet or have been watching me crochet and wishing you knew how! I just found out about this awesome site called Annie’s Crafts that teaches you how to crochet and make certain things via video!


For those of you who are just like me and hate reading patterns – this is a great option. I’m a very visiual person and find myself looking up youtube videos rather than attempting a pattern even if it’s free! The videos here offer you so many different things:


You get a Classroom Description, Meet The Instructor, Supplies List, Feedback, and Notes! You can make notes for yourself to look back on anytime You also get a PDF of the class materials and patterns which you can download at any time.  The best thing of all – if you are really confused – you can ask the instructor for help. That’s one on one with the person who knows it all!

I took the Tunisian Crochet Class and it came with THREE different patterns:




and they walk you through each step for each one. Just from these three patterns I learned four different stitches!

If you want to see a preview of this class or any of the other classes they have them on YouTube or on their site at Annie’s Crafts.


With this class they suggested you get Denise Interchangable crochet hooks and after taking the class I suggest you do too! I didn’t and just used my regular crochet hook which is fine until you try to do a pattern with over 20 some stitches!


It didn’t take me long and I caught on to the pattern really well. Here is an example of why you would need more than a regular crochet hook. This is 18 stitches and there isn’t much room for it to go any further!


I will say I love how beautifully the pattern turned out to be. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I have a few ideas of what I’d like to  make once I get my interchangeable hooks 🙂


Here is another stitch I tried from the class. I think this was 45 stitches. I was testing out my little crochet hook to see how well it held up and even though it held the 45 stitches – it was not easy!!


This crochet stitch is made to look like knitting and it’s GORGEOUS! I’m definitely happy with the end result of this one!

If you are interested in taking a class online with them you can get 50% off any class you sign up, this is for a limited time only. You can also get 20% off any of the products you purchase.



This post was in sponsorship with Annie’s Crafts

My Little Super Hero

9 Jul

Emma beans has been watching a super hero show called Word Girl and has completely fallen in love 🙂 After “flying” around the room and singing that she was a super hero I decided to ask her if she wanted some super girl hero swag. She looked at me like I was nuts! Then I said, “Emma would you like me to make you a super hero cape?” Her response?

001Giddy excitement 🙂 After looking at a few YouTube tutorials – I knew this was going to be a piece of cake!

004I measured my little girl, made a template with the sizes on it and got my materials out and ready!

005First step was to draw out the template on the material. Since this is just play clothes I wasn’t exact in my measuring or drawing.

007Before I cut out the second piece I made sure this was going to fit!\


009After I cut out the second piece I ran it under the iron real quick (remember it doesn’t need to be perfect! It’s play clothes!)

010Next I took a piece of felt (since it doesn’t fray) and used a bowl to cut a circle.

011I hopped on the computer and printed out a letter e. I chose a lowercase because I thought it would look better with the curves of the circle! (Plus it’s easier to place in the middle!)

012I put my black felt under the letter e, pinned it, and cut it out. I removed the paper e and then hand stitched the felt e onto the circle. It might be easier to use the sewing machine instead of hand stitch but I was too lazy to change out the bobbin 😉

013Next I put the circle in the middle of the cape and did a quick sew line around the circle. Not perfect at all but again it’s play clothes!

014I put the two pieces back to back and did a quick sew all along the edges leaving a small part at the bottom to flip it inside out. Ran it under the iron real quick, and did a fun stitch at the bottom to seal that end in.

015Most people would sew all the way around for a finished look but this is supposed to be a quick easy project so just finishing of the end was good enough for me!

016Next I put snaps on the ends to keep the cape on. Obviously I butchered the first snap so I did a second 😉


I like the thick straps in front with the snap – something about string just drives me crazy!

018And Tada! We have a little super hero in our house! Emma is crazy in love with her cape 🙂 Her one disappoint was that she thought once she had a cape – she’d be able to fly!! Poor thing was a little flustered but she wouldn’t take it off all day!


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