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The Pocket Pillow

23 Aug

After doing my zipper mess up pillow last week I decided to show off how I make my pocket pillows. I also wanted to show everyone what it was in case they didn’t understand. I’m not really sure what these pillows are really called – so pocket pillow is my name for it!

First I cut out the fabric in three pieces. The two back pieces I ironed down a half an inch to make it a finished edge.

After sewing down the half inch edges I pinned the pillow all the way around in preparation to sew!

That zig zag triangle stitch is obviously my favorite 😉 I feel like it makes everything so sturdy!

Once it was done I flipped it inside out!

Put the pillow in through the pocket in the back and it’s ready to go! Pocket pillows are my favorite because they are easy to sew, easy to get the pillow in and out for washing (I do have a messy toddler in my house), and you never have to worry about laying on an uncomfortable zipper when you are taking a nap 🙂

The one negative to a pocket pillow is because it has the opening in the back it doesn’t hug the pillow extremely tight. I don’t mind that so it’s not a problem for me.

What do you think?

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A Wow Moment – Pillow and All.

15 Aug

On my to do list the past Saturday I had:

Make a pillow out of my new favorite material!

and last Saturday – I did just that! So I thought I’d share with you all exactly how I did it. Now you’ll notice in this preview that I didn’t have the right size zipper so I just used a small one. When it came time to put the pillow in the case I bought cried! It took a lot of shoving, a little biting my tongue, and a lot of UGHHHHH’s.


I  cut the fabric 14×14. Even though this pillow is a 10×10 you have to account for the depth of the pillow as well as the amount you’ll be taking off when sewing it. I always leave myself a good half inch for sewing.


Now for all you “know how to sew pillows or zippers in general people” I know this isn’t the best way to sew a zipper.. now. After a long discussion with my mom on how she sews zippers I will be trying this differently. So what I did is I folded the two edges over a half an inch or less, pinned the zipper, and stitched it.

Note to self: I am either sticking to pocket pillows (which I’m good at) or attempting this again with the right length zipper and the right way to sew it!

Okay! Then I laid it inside out so both of the outer pieces were facing each other, pinned, and stitched all the way around.


I flipped it inside out and attempted to shove that huge pillow in a 6 inch zipper opening 😛 I wish I had taken pictures during the process but I was too busy UGHHHHing to stop and take a picture 😉


and TADA! Here’s the finished pillow which if I do say so myself turned out pretty spanking awesome except for the bottom zipper which we won’t ever speak of again 😀

What do you think?


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Tuesday Tutorial: Pencil Case!

27 Mar

Welcome to Tuesday Tutorials – where I find awesome easy tutorials for you – now go get crafty 😉

This crafty tutorial comes from: ASpoonfulofSugar

How to Make a Pencil Case

With the new school year nearly upon us in Australia, I am making up a few easy zipperedpatchwork pencil cases. This is a great scrap buster project. The little zippered pouches can be used for all manner of things. Mine was sized to fit approx 6 pens; or a small pack of tissues; or a small notebook and pen; or a few cosmetics.



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Crafts: Craft Area Makeover

3 Jul

Today was cleaning/organizing day. With B out of the house and E spending some time with Oma and Papa this girl got some cleaning done!! After taking over the entire place with the vacuum and cleaning supplies I decided to reorganize my craft area. I titled it as a makeover but it really should say OVERHAUL! With everything I purchased yesterday and the lack of space I have for my stuff, it was time to get down and dirty!

I’ve been focusing on the five things I’m going to be selling, so all other crafts are taking a backseat to the storage area. Also all the stuff I already made along with the extra supplies I bought that just wont fit found their way into the storage. I got baskets out and hung up as much as I could on my cork board to give me as much working space as possible.. but let’s just say. I have A LOT of stuff..

I hung up all my beading supplies and swatches of fabric

Shoved as many rolls of yarn as I could in my basket!

Then I organized my fabric into burp cloths and zipper pouches:

I have a feeling that I’ll be back out to buy more for this project because I didn’t realize how much I love doing it!!

The the zipper pouches!! Because this requires more stuff (lining, stiffener, zippers) I needed double the space. The fabric is stacked double high with the lining on the bottom. As you can see as of right now I have four zippers. With the amount of fabric I have .. I might need more zippers 😉

Then off to the storage because I already ran out of room………. so sad.

My box of frames (some for sale – some not)

Microspun yarn and finished scarves (all for sale)

Then leftover yarn I couldn’t fit in my first basket… that’s a lot of yarn!!

And I’m not quite done yet .. but I am out of pictures! I have a box of frames coming in two weeks because I’m running low on those 😉

So some might consider that organizing, cleaning, rearranging, or just plan boxing – to me it was an overhaul/makeover!

In about 15 minutes Nana and Dodo are coming to pick up E for a birthday party while I get my craft on. Expect another post with some exciting new things!

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